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Guest Host Mark Steyn

"Once you sign up to the club of modern day liberalism you can only think one way. There's no room for any deviation. If you wander off the reservation just a smidgen, oomph, the conformity enforcers will club you to a pulp." -Mark Steyn

The Honor of Honesty

"Lying is the worst thing you can do in the political world. A civilized political society depends on the fact that these guys are not lying. A new poll says 81% of Americans believe that Obama is a liar." -Mark Steyn    

"All the most basic factual information of the Census is now being politicized by an increasingly corrupt government. Justice department, health care, Census revenue collectors, the whole deal." -Mark Steyn

"If you have to go out and tell people you're honest, maybe there's some debate about it.  If you have to tell people that you're gonna have the most transparent Regime, then there might be some question of whether or not you are transparent." -Rush


Mark's Traumatic Tax Day

"This is the only country in the world where government forms are household names." -Mark Steyn

RushLimbaugh.com: Don Rumsfeld's Letter to the IRS

"Here is a guy, he's worked for presidents and he's been the secretary of defense, and he's sending a letter to the IRS. 'Dear Sir or Madame,' is how he addresses the letter, and he makes a pitch for changing the tax code because it's simply not possible to know whether he is complying with the law, and he wants to be a law-abiding person." -Rush


The Bundy Family Showdown

"Obama has, to put it mildly, an incredibly relaxed attitude to the decline and decay of American power in the world." -Mark Steyn 

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