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Guest Host Erick Erickson

Happy Earth Day!

"Today is Vladimir Lenin's birthday, April 22, 1870. A hundred years later to the day a group of hippies started Earth Day. I don't believe it's a coincidence. They deny it, of course." - Erick Erickson 

RushLimbaugh.com: Earth Day: Left Celebrates Murderer's Idea

"Ira Einhorn, co-founder, Earth Day, convicted murderer.  Another highly respected, honored leftist icon.  By the way, again, Ira Einhorn supports a carbon tax.  You add the carbon tax to the 70% income tax, it is hard to imagine what life in this country would be like 10 years from now if Obama and the Democrats win in 2014." - Rush 

Democrat Secret Weapons: Race and Republicans  

"The Democrats have another secret weapon on their side and it's a very important weapon that we should not underestimate. It could destroy Republicans chances and improve Democratic chances. It's a secret weapon that people rarely talk about. I will talk about it.  It's called Republicans." - Erick Erickson

"The Democrats are going to go after race as the big issue in 2014." - Erick Erickson

Ann McElhinney on "Gosnell" 

"There are stories that need to be told. There are stories in the news that should be told that the media, because of their own bias and angles, will not tell." - Erick Erickson 

Help the Effort: Gosnellmovie.com

RushLimbaugh.com: Abortion at the Root of Our Cultural Decay

"I think abortion is at the root of so much that has and is going wrong in this country.  I think that the number of abortions themselves, but what in toto it all means, culturally, in terms of the sanctity of life, how that's crumbled, I think it's almost at the root of everything.  And if it's not at the root of everything, it's clearly had a profound impact on our culture, our society, and our politics, I think in ways that people don't even stop to consider." - Rush

Mallory Factor on "Big Tent"

"Having conservative principles and being a Republican are not one in the same." - Mallory Factor

Buy the book: Big Tent: The Story of the Conservative Revolution -- As Told by the Thinkers and Doers Who Made It Happen    

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