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Guest Host Buck Sexton

"There are some words that Obama has ruined: 'folks,' 'fairness,' the phrase 'let me be clear', ending a sentence with 'period.' These are all ruined now." - Buck Sexton

The Narcissism of the Regime

"Obama's the guy that's supposed to be out there representing all of us. So when he bows, when he says things that are not true, when he shakes hands of world leaders, doesn't follow up and, in fact, makes a mockery of the whole concept of the US being true to it's word, it's something we have to call out. It's something that does matter to all of us. It's something that gets me a bit fired up." - Buck Sexton

"This administration has turned diplomacy into a catch-all for just talking and not doing." - Buck Sexton

RushLimbaugh.com: Obama: "I Didn't Set a Red Line" 

"If the world drew the red line, and, if the world's credibility is on the line, then why isn't the UN voting on whether or not to use force?  Why is it a matter for the United States?" - Rush    

Partisan Political Targeting

"Innocence is no protection against the federal government. They can essentially destroy your life merely by putting you through the regulatory process." - Buck Sexton

RushLimbaugh.com: Lerner Wanted DOJ to Prosecute Tea Party

"No Republican president ever has gotten close to anything like this.  Republican presidents go overboard the other way, to prove that they're not partisan, to prove that they're not politicizing the DOJ or whatever cabinet position or department." - Rush

Hammers Need Nails

"The more of these armed federal agents that are out there, the more of these agencies that exist that have their own little specific area of federal law that they get to play around with (the ATF being one of the scarier examples), the more they're going to find people to make examples of and to prove the merit of their own existence. Essentially, you create a lot of hammers, and they're looking for a lot of nails." - Buck Sexton

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