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It's Suddenly Cool to Use the Word "Fail"

RUSH: I was a lone wolf January 16th, 2009: I hope he fails.  I caught hell, I caught grief, even though everybody knew what I meant.  And now the pieces are rolling in on how he is a failure. Now, to be honest, some of these people are saying he's a failure at being a president.  I don't think he is.  I think he's doing exactly what he wants to do.

Liberal Hypocrites Like Marlo Thomas Don't Worry About Income Inequality When It Comes to Their Own Wealth and Success

RUSH: To give you a little illustration, a mindless little story I found today in the middle of show prep, and it's really mindless. "Marlo Thomas Silences Power Lunch Crowd at Michael’s." Now you might be thinking what in the name of Sam Hill does that have to do with income inequality?  I'll tell you what it has to do with it...

A Message to Millennials: Lose Faith in Obama, Not the Country

RUSH: If you want to invest in a guy, invest in you.  Don't invest in a Barack Obama.  Don't invest in a me.  Invest in yourself.  That's what America allows you to do.  America allows you to love yourself.  America allows you to think you're the greatest thing on earth.  America allows you to have confidence and bravado.  America allows you the opportunity to put what you think is best on trial and see if it flies. 

The Real Story of American Income Mobility

RUSH: It's ridiculous to study the one percent.  They are not the same people year in, year out.  Yet you listen to the Democrat Party talk about them and they are this collective group of evil people, they belong to this club and that club.  It's time we got our arms around all this and realize that we live in the greatest place on earth where the greatest things possible still are and that's what we have to strive to save and remind everybody younger than we are that it is indeed possible. 

Grandfather of Child with Cochlear Implant

CALLER: He is five years old.  My wife and I are raising him with our daughter.  He was born with auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder.  So he kind of hears but it doesn't translate into anything. They explained it as hearing white noise.  We had a cochlear implant done three years ago.  And one of the most exciting days of my life was the day six weeks after the surgery when they turned it on.


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