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"Rush Limbaugh, with half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair. It's been pointed out to me that half my brain has actually been dormant in terms of my cochlear implant -- not just tied behind my back."

"Everybody knew we were being sold a bill of goods. We were electing somebody that had no business being president, no qualifications, backdoor agenda and so forth. But -- because of the historical nature of this presidency, first black presidency, so much hope invested, maybe we can get rid of slavery and racism forever and be Kumbaya -- it was worth it. It was malarkey."

"We now have some people using the fail and failure words about Obama. And I doubt they're going to catch the grief that I caught. I don't care that I caught the grief. I mean, that's what I'm here to do."

"Anybody who has listened to this program for any length of time knows that I, and every one of you in this audience, all we want is the best for everybody. We want the greatest country that's ever been."

"I believe everybody in this country is better than they know they are. I think everybody in this country is capable of doing more than they think they can. I believe everybody's capable of accomplishing more than they think they can. I think everybody in this country is capable of greatness to degrees they can't even imagine in themselves."

"You have to have the full access to liberty and freedom and the understanding of what those concepts are to utilize them, to make them work for you. People born to them take them for granted. I'm simply trying to remind people daily here of their value."

"Things happen. Good things. Bad things. You adapt as the bad things happen. You celebrate when the good things happen."

"The thing that worries me is we've got these burgeoning young people, the Millennials now, they're the new young generation. When they lose faith in the America that makes all that I just described possible, that's bad. They need to be losing faith in Obama, not America."

"America is fine and dandy, it's the greatest place ever devised by mankind and Obama is the single handed agent that's trying to screw it up."

"If you want to invest in a guy, invest in you. Don't invest in a Barack Obama. Don't invest in a me. Invest in yourself."

"America allows you to love yourself. America allows you to think you're the greatest thing on earth. America allows you to have confidence and bravado. America allows you the opportunity to put what you think is best on trial and see if it flies."

"Great leaders inspire people by telling people what they are capable of, what is possible, what needs to be done, what can be done. It's happening in little enclaves all over this country. Small companies, large companies, it's happening in a lot of places. It is not happening at government. And it is not being inspired by government or from government."

"What young people today need is what young people in this country have always had, and that is optimistic role models, people willing to inspire them. People willing to tell them what's possible. People willing to remind them they live in the greatest country on earth."

"There is going to be poverty in great wealth. There just is. You're always going to have extremes in everything. There is no flat line, folks, unless you're dead. And then your line is flat."

"Poverty in the United States of America is not like poverty around the rest of the world. Those in poverty in this country eat regularly, drive cars, watch television, and make phone calls. I get lambasted every time I make that point, but that's Robert Rector citing statistics that he's worked up at the Heritage Foundation year after year after year."


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