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Pearls of Wisdom

"All the Democrats have for this reelection, folks, is race -- and if you haven't noticed, Democrat projected turnout way down, particularly among single women and minorities."

"The only reason Donald Sterling 's in trouble right now is he did not give enough money to Obama. This guy was gonna get a leadership award from the NAALCP LA chapter, the second one. This guy is a typical Hollywood racists."

"If I am familiar enough with who Donald Sterling is, what he's done, what he said, then certainly Magic Johnson has to know. Certainly all these people have to know that this is not anything new that they learned on Saturday."

"Obama's over in Malaysia. I guess Obama went over to try to find the jet, to help 'em out. No word on whether that's been successful."

"It's only common sense why the Democrats want amnesty. They need a permanent underclass. They need to register new voters."

"There isn't slavery in America. We've got a black president. We got a black attorney general. The most popular, well-paid TV person in America is black, Oprah. We don't have a slave state anymore. We don't have anywhere near it."

"The Republicans have already tried Romney and Romney lost, and they're thinking of doing it again if Jeb doesn't go (this according to Bob Schieffer), because they have got to stop this suicidal move to the right the Republican Party is making. Except it isn't making a move to the right! Where is the evidence?"

"Here's the thing that's happening, and this is a problem. Liberals destroy their natural habitat. They're like cockroaches or boll weevils. They destroy wherever they are and then they migrate and destroy wherever they move to."

"The NAALCP LA says they're not gonna tell anybody how much money Sterling gave 'em, plus they're gonna give it all back."

"The Washington Post has a story today saying if the Republicans do what they say they're gonna do on amnesty, it's gonna result in more Democrat voters. Well, duh! Of course it will. Why are the Democrats in favor of it?"

"The Greyhound Bus tour. That was the extent of Obama's summer vacations. He told us this when he was running for office. Now we find out that, as a kid, he was in Malaysia. I guess they have Howard Johnsons in Malaysia, 'cause he spent time there."


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