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Morning Update: Cronies

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is putting $1 billion of taxpayer money on the table, to help solar energy in his state. Cuomo says the cash will bring “funding certainty” to solar energy expansion over the next decade.

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Chilling: UK Politician Arrested for Quoting Churchill...  Benghazi E-mails Show Regime Effort to Protect Obama...

Which Idiot Crackpot is More Dangerous?

RUSH: I've been wondering here, folks, whose comments are more idiotic?  And whose comments, in fact, are not only just more idiotic, but more dangerous: Donald Sterling's or John Kerry's?  We mentioned what Kerry said about Israel becoming an apartheid state. It turns out that that was a private meeting, and some reporter from The Daily Beast got past all the security at the Trilateral Commission -- whoa -- and recorded it, and now they're all apoplectic.  It was a private comment to the conspirators at the Trilateral Commission.  The world wasn't supposed to hear that. 

Shocking Finding for Dems in WaPo Poll

RUSH: There's an ABC News/Washington Post poll out today, very, very bad for Obama.  You know what that means?  I'll tell you what it means:  The poll numbers are so bad in this ABC poll, the White House is furiously calling every late-night comedy show trying to book Obama so they can get his numbers back up.  That's what it means. 

Humorless CNN Claims I Defended Sterling

RUSH: You know, I've got a new title: The Stunt King... This is the guy, Don Lemon, who was on TV while they were searching for the missing Malaysian Airliner. He had the former transportation whiz, Mary Schiavo, on and he said, "Hey, Mary, there have been a lot of theories. Maybe a black hole swallowed it up!"  So I make a joke, "Yeah, if Sterling had given more money to Obama he wouldn't be in trouble," and I become the Stunt King.  That makes my behavior outrageous, intolerable. We can't have that.

Common Sense at the 92nd Street Y?

RUSH: Joe Klein, TIME Magazine, big, big Drive-By Media emeritus lib.  He says that CNN's gone in the toilet and MSNBC's got a criminal on there, Al Sharpton, and he's turned to Fox.  This is at the 92nd Street Y... I'm telling you, the 92nd Street Y is the belly of the belly of the beast of New York liberalism. 

Caller's Sterling Set-Up Theory

RUSH: This is a fascinating theory. And, Neil, I'm glad that you held on through the break so I could dig deep, explore further.  I really... You know, you got it.  I really appreciate that you're in the audience, and I'm taking under close advisement your requests that I don't cross the line so I stay here and entertain you every day, and not give them a chance to take me out. 

The Proper Analysis of John Kerry's Hideous Comment on Israel

RUSH: He basically said that Israel, if they're not careful, is going to end up being an apartheid state, an apartheid nation.  It's just simply outrageous.  Twenty-five percent of the population of Israel, I think, is Palestinian.  If it's not that high, it's close.  Palestinian Arabs are in the Knesset.  They run for office and are elected.  They live peacefully in Israel.  There is no comparison whatsoever. 


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