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"You who listen to this program knew on Monday that whatever you heard on that tape of Donald Sterling on Saturday was nothing new, and everybody -- not just in the sports scene in LA, everybody in the LA media -- knew who Donald Sterling was. They didn't say a thing, didn't do a thing. They looked the other way."

"One-tenth of 1% economic growth -- one-tenth of 1% -- and if it weren't for the government spending on Obamacare, it would have been negative growth. Folks, this is... I've run out of words. 'Disaster' doesn't cover it."

"This is a real clincher. If it weren't for the government spending on Obamacare, economic growth would have been negative. Meaning there isn't any private sector economic activity."

"One-tenth of 1%! Let me say it again. One-tenth of 1%. That's first quarter economic growth, and the Regime is blaming the cold weather. I thought it was supposed to be global warming. That was the reason for the cold weather. Now the cold weather, which, because of global warming, is what the Regime is using to explain economic growth. One-tenth of 1%."

"China's economy is expected to have grown 24% between 2011 and 2013. The American economy grew 7.6% in the same period of time. I forget the details, but the Regime has changed the way they calculate the GDP. I think Heritage or somebody (I forget who, but somebody that I trust) credibly analyzed the new way they're calculating GDP so it adds a phony 3% on the positive side to it.'"

"The Democrat Party is all about statism. The Democrat Party is all about command-and-control, centralized authority and power. The concept of individualism, rugged or otherwise, is laughed at, mocked, made fun of, ridiculed."

"The US had been the global leader, the world's number one economy since 1872. That means we have held the record for 142 years, and in less than five years Barack Obama is causing the United States to lose the top spot. There's no excuse for this!"

"Everything that the Democrat Party has touched is falling apart. The only thing they've got that can give them any hope of winning an election is War on Women, racism, gay rights, gay marriage."

"There are just certain, I don't know, call 'em truths or facts or whatever, that you just don't go there."


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