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There are Two Speech Codes in America


RUSH: Here's Tim in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.  Great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hello, Rush.  And Nittany Lion dittos to you from Latrobe. 

RUSH:  Yes, sir.

CALLER:  I wanted to get your thoughts, Rush, on the difference between what's going on in the NFL. During the course of a game if you make a bigoted statement or you use the N-word, it's only a 15-yard penalty, but if you make a similar statement in the NBA, particularly as an owner, it warrants a lifetime suspension and a two and a half million-dollar fine?

RUSH:  Well, you want to take a stab at explaining the difference?

CALLER:  I think I used the word "owner" in the NBA which is probably, you know, what my guess is versus, you know, the players in the NFL.

RUSH:  Remember, now, you have members of the players unions, you have their representatives -- some, not all.  You've got some people now comparing being a professional athlete to indentured servitude slavery.

CALLER:  Correct.

RUSH:  We do have that.  In fact, it's been talked about here in terms of Sterling.  People that are making 15 to 20 to $30 million a year, the Reverend Jackson, just the other day he had his cotton balls versus basketballs comment.  If there isn't any dignity with a paycheck you might as well just have a plantation mentality. Yet Oprah said we gotta get rid of the plantation mentality.  Nobody on a plantation ever made $30 million a year picking cotton.  But still, you mentioned the NFL and the N-word thing, your point, I predict something's gonna happen in this right along the lines of what you say.  In the NBA, an owner has essentially just had his team taken away from him. For all intents and purposes, they're trying to snatch any involvement of the owner from his team, from his organization, because of his reprobate, racist attitudes.

And over in the NFL, they're gonna penalize the players 15 yards -- well, they're not.  There was talk about it, but there's not gonna be an actual penalty now for use of the N-word because the NFL says they've already got a rule that covers this kind of thing.  Now, if the referees start throwing flags on players in the NFL for using the N-word and other black culturally approved terms, there's gonna be an uprising by the players.  It would be no different than if somebody at Warner Brothers told rappers, "You know what?  For every time you put the word 'bitch' or 'ho' or whatever in your song, we're gonna penalize you," there'd be an uprising.

CALLER:  If what you say is true, Rush -- and I agree with you that the rule is already in place -- don't you think, then, in another way, that the NFL or Roger Goodell would think it's permissible to use the N-word since it's not being enforced and the rules are already in the books?

RUSH:  I'm not sure I understand the question.  Did you ask me if I think Goodell would think it's permissible for the N-word to be used?

CALLER:  Well, I mean, if there are rules that are in the rule book and they're not being enforced, then you have to ask: What are the reasons that the rules are not being enforced?

RUSH:  No.  I think the NFL is serious about eliminating that kind of stuff.  The point is players are feeling their oats now.  Finally, after 33 years, they got rid of an owner here.  "If the terms that are being bandied about are said to be part of the vernacular and culture, what right does the league have to tell these guys they can't speak the way they speak?  It's none of the league's business. 

"Nobody can hear it.  Screw them!" I think let's wait and see.  But I've already seen enough reaction from some players to the proposed penalty for use of the N-word, that that isn't gonna fly.  I appreciate the call, Tim.  (interruption)  Yes? I have a question here from the Official Program Observer.   What's...? (interruption)  Do you really...? (interruption)

Snerdley just asked me, "What happens if they can't get two-thirds or three-fourths or whatever they need of the owners in the NBA to vote to take Sterling's team away from him, or to ban him from it?" Would you name for me an owner that is gonna vote with Sterling?  (interruption) No he won't. No way. 

Not Mark Cuban. No way, because the vote's gonna eventually be made public. Even if it's a private vote, it'll eventually leak. If there's anybody who voted with Sterling or against this proposition to ban him and take his team away, it'll leak. There's not gonna be "no" votes. I'll be shocked if it's not unanimous. (interruption) Secret ballot? 

It's still gonna be unanimous because there's not gonna be any trust that the secret ballot's gonna stay secret for the rest of time.  That's the power of this stuff. The path of least resistance here is, "Get rid of Sterling and just stay under cover!"  Nobody's gonna make a stand here.  No owner's gonna make a stand on this.  The... (interruption)  No.  The owners... (interruption)  The owners are not gonna think that.

They're going to think that protecting themselves is going along with the crowd here.  They're not gonna look at it as, "Wait a minute, this could be me! I'm not gonna vote for."  That's not gonna be viewed as protecting themselves.  That's gonna be viewed as making themselves a target, and they're not gonna do that.  This vote's gonna take less than 10 seconds whenever they have it.


RUSH:  I think this new commissioner, Adam Silver, would not have gone as far as he did if he didn't have some understanding of how the owners would vote in advance.  I think he knows how the owners gonna vote before he goes out and announces this.  And, in fact, the LA Times has a story, "NBA Owners Overwhelmingly Support Adam Silver's Decision." And there's this:

"Orlando Magic owner Dan DeVos..." It's Rich DeVos who owns it.  Maybe he's got a son named Dan.  "Orlando Magic owner Dan DeVos said his franchise was 'behind Adam’s recommendation and plan[s] to vote accordingly'..." They're all gonna vote sayonara.  Look, Sterling is gone. There is nothing redeemable here.  It's been 33 years.  Nobody's gonna make a stand. 


RUSH: I am proud to say there is only one speech code for everybody here.  One speech code.  However, that's not the case in America anymore.  There are at least two speech codes, and if you don't know which one applies to you, you are gonna be the next Donald Sterling.  I mean, there are certain things minorities can say that you can't if you're not a minority. And there's less and less that the so-called majority can say. 

You know, the speech codes, permissible speech is dwindling for those who are said to be non-minority by a majority.  The speech code for minority is wide open and expanding. And you better realize which one applies to you, otherwise you are gonna have the same thing happen to you that happened to Sterling.  I've got two media people that have said that.  That's not my idea.  I did not come up with that.  I'm not gonna play the sound bites 'cause I don't want to advertise these guys, but I have it right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. 

Two speech codes, at least two.  Yeah, certain people can say certain things, and there are certain things other people can't say, and you better realize.  And, by the way, it was applauded.  Nobody's concerned about it.  It's viewed as a positive thing in America.  Yes.  Because it means that the rights of minorities are expanding.  Because minorities have been oppressed since the founding of the country.

I knew there was gonna be trouble back in the seventies when affirmative action first came up. I actually did a quasi-series of talk shows back in the seventies.  It was a music show with some phone calls to satisfy community service retirements and license renewal.  One day affirmative action came up and I just asked a question. Some advocate of affirmative action called in, and I said, "Well, okay, when does it end?" 

They said, "Never." 

I said, "What?  Never?"

"Yeah, never."

I said, "You mean there's not a day in the future where you're gonna say, 'Okay, past grievances have been dealt with and the slate's clean and we're all even going forward?'" 

"No, no.  No, no.  Affirmative action never ends."  And that was right.  Affirmative action never ends.  Affirmative action is just what?  Well, at one time it was quotas.  Now it's come to encompass a whole lot more than just quotas.  Affirmative action includes the new speech code.  Affirmative action allows certain behavior that other people are not allowed.  It's certain advantages and preferences.  It's all based on race and there's no end to it.  And the people that came up with it never intended for there to be an end.  They said it was to redress prior grievances or cases of discrimination.  But it wasn't. 

The way it came up was I said, "Who is going to sit in judgment of when we've evened everything out here and the slate's clean?" 

He said, "Nobody, 'cause it's never gonna be clean.  We can never fully pay for what happened in the early days of this country. No matter how long this country exists, the price can never be fully repaid."  I heard that back in the seventies.  And, lo and behold, here we are in 2014.  You saw when the state of Michigan, the Constitution tried to do away with it, the wise Latina on the Supreme Court, Justice Sotomayor, was not too wise and not too happy. Well, she was on the losing side, but that... (interruption)  Yeah, but Affirmative action, you know what it really is?  It's racial profiling at its worst, state sponsored discrimination.  State sponsored discrimination, exactly what affirmative action is.  State sponsored discrimination. 



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