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North Carolina High Schools Approve Sports Mercy Rule... Betsy McCaughey to GOP: You Can't Fix Obamacare... LeBron Wants Sterling Out Right Now... I Don't Want a TV to be Smart...

Cairo is Key to the Benghazi Cover-Up

RUSH: When I finish you're not gonna have any questions remaining.  Everything is gonna be explained to you, and it's pretty much gonna confirm our original instincts and suspicions -- massive lying at the White House...  It all hinges on Cairo, folks... Somebody in our embassy in Cairo in Egypt apologized for something that hadn't happened yet.  Do you remember? We sent out an apology for offending people. It was the anniversary of 9/11 and we knew that there was gonna be some sort of protest, or we suspected.  So we sent out an apology in advance of anything happening.

Totalitarian Climate in America Reminds Caller of His Childhood in the Soviet Union

CALLER: You talk a lot about how in this country when you kind of step over the line, when you step out of the party line, whether it's something politically incorrect or something that makes Democrats look bad, it's not good enough just to disagree with you, they have to destroy you... Those of us who grew up in places like the Soviet Union saw that kind of stuff all the time.  

Reverend Jackson: "12 Years a Slave, 12 Years a Clipper"

JACKSON:  There's been destructive race-based negative action, 246 years of legal slavery, 100 years of legal Jim Crow, and today, you can measure the absence of blacks and women and people of color in every dimension of American life.  They can find black athletes. They can find them to stimulate their image and to raise their money because they want to. I look at HP and Google and Facebook and Twitter, there are no blacks on the board of directors, for example. 

Dingy Harry Goes After Dan Snyder

REID:  The leadership of the National Football League, the NFL, that money-making machine, wonder if they've taken notice of the NBA's decisive action.  How long will the NFL continue to do nothing, zero, as one of its team bears a name that inflicts so much pain on Native Americans?


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