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North Carolina High Schools Approve Sports Mercy Rule

RUSH: "The North Carolina High School Athletic Association's board of directors has approved a Mercy Rule for football and basketball games. The rule would go into effect for football games if the point differential reaches at least 42 points by halftime or afterward. It would go into effect for basketball games in which the margin reaches 40 points by halftime or afterward. In both cases, the game would use a running clock or could be ended early with the agreement of both teams. The board approved the Mercy Rule along with several other measures during its spring meeting Wednesday, including a $500 fine per game for coaches who do not take a required concussion management course."

You know, NBC might want to look into that. David Gregory may have had had a concussion that they don't know about.  That's why he needs a psychiatrist to figure out how to relate to a lot of people and get their ratings up, because apparently they do care about ratings at the Meet the Press. 

You know, rather than get somebody in there that could attract an audience, they want to stick with Gregory, who they think has a psychological disorder and needs some help. 

Maybe he's got a concussion. 

So I guess the total humiliation of little children is not allowed in North Carolina. If your team's losing by 40 points we're gonna save the day. We're gonna shut down the game so that you're not humiliated the next day in school. (interruption) What, you thought this stuff was going away?  You thought this stuff...? Ho-ho!  You thought it was going away?

You thought, "Oh, we've been there, done that on this"?  No, no, no.  No, no. Now it's sanctioned. It's 42 points by halftime or afterward in a football game or a basketball game, they shut down.  The Mercy Rule.  You don't want to humiliate the little losers in these sports contests. 


Betsy McCaughey to GOP: You Can't Fix Obamacare

RUSH:  I saw. That's a great piece.  Betsy McCaughey has a great column today in the New York Post: "GOP Foolish to Think Obamacare is Fixable."  Republicans are fooling themselves if they think that they can reform it or fix it. The only thing, the only option we really have is to just repeal it.  She gives evidence, and we'll have that.  


I mentioned this earlier.  Betsy McCaughey, well-known health care expert writing in the New York Post: "GOP Foolish to Think Obamacare is Fixable -- Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), the No. 4 House Republican, is walking back comments attributed to her that Obamacare can't be repealed. But she's not the only one suggesting Congress merely make changes within the framework of the health law.

"Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) says the goal is to get the law 'fixed.' It seems many GOP lawmakers still haven't read the law, or they'd know the framework is corrupt.  Even Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) speculated Friday that repeal is unlikely because it will be 'difficult to turn the clock back.'  Nonsense. Even by the most inflated [Regime] claims, some 8 million people have signed up for exchange plans..."

Folks, it's even worse than that.  You want to hear the real numbers?  Only two-thirds of people who have signed up for private health insurance in the federal exchanges have even paid their premiums!  By April 15th.  Never mind the premiums were to have been paid by January 1st, which was the beginning of the coverage year. 

It says here in the New York Times, "Without payment, consumers will not have coverage."  Don't bet on that.  This problem's been discussed before.  It was reported the insurance companies would provide coverage even for those who had not paid their premiums.  The Regime will take care of this.  The point is it's an absolute... (sigh) I'm getting tired of saying it's a disaster, but it's what it is.

But Betsy McCaughey's point here is, "Even by the most inflated [Regime] claims, some 8 million people have signed up for exchange plans, out of a nation of 318 million. Obamacare is repealable, and should be replaced with a plan to cover the uninsured and reduce costs.," and that's it! "Obamacare's authors paid lip service to these goals but had an ulterior motive: forging a permanent Democratic majority.

"The law creates a huge infrastructure for enrolling millions of people not just in insurance but also for food stamps, housing assistance and other welfare programs -- and registering them to vote."  This, we've always covered.  She's writing here of her frustration.  All these Republicans say (impression), "No, no, no. We can't repeal it! We don't need to repeal it. We just need to replace it, maybe fix it, but not repeal it."

Do they not know what they're dealing with here?  They're dealing with a piece of legislation that writes them out of existence!  It's a really good piece that they're foolish to think that this is fixable. (interruption)  It's not just that.  It's not just that.  It's that we can all tell that, aside from a few exceptions, there doesn't even seem to be any desire to get rid of this thing on the Republican side.  


LeBron Wants Sterling Out Right Now

RUSH: LeBron James, Miami Heat, is upset that Donald Sterling still owns the team.  LeBron spoke to the media today. He said (summarized), "Hey, let's get going on this.  What are we doing here?  Why haven't they voted yet?  We gotta get going.  We gotta change that out there."  This is gonna take a while, LeBron. You know something, folks?  Just something for you to think about. 

I'm gonna tell you what I think.  I think Sterling is gonna fall on his sword.  I don't think he's gonna make this easy for these people, number one.  Now, Sterling bought this team 33 years ago. He bought this team for $12.7 million, and the sale price today is around $575 million.  Do you know what his capital gains taxes would be?  They'd be $200 to $300 million. (interruption)

Well, no. Everybody says, "Good!  Good!  Just financially rape the SOB.  Good!"  But he could make argument, "Wait a minute.  You cannot force me to take a financial hit like this." Because if he bequeaths the team to his wife, it costs nobody anything, and the asset then assumes the $575 million value, not the $12.7 million.

The $12.7 million is what the starting asset value was, or is, if there's any sale.  But if he holds on until he passes away and then gives the team to his wife, and she hasn't said any mean stuff and she wants the team, too...  (interruption)  No, I don't think the gift tax applies if he gave it to her. (interruption) Well, wait a minute, now. (interruption) Wait.  That's a good question. (interruption) Yeah, you can. That's a interesting point.

If he did that, that would fry 'em.  Oh, jeez, would that fry 'em.  Because right now LeBron and everybody thinks that Oprah's the new owner.  "Come on, when is this gonna happen?  Oprah's gonna own this team." LeBron thinks it should have happened right now, and I'm sure a lot of these other guys should have happened right now.  I mean what's the point?

"What's the point of doing all this if this guy still has the team?" is what a lot of people are thinking.  That's why this... I could get in a lot of trouble for saying this, but watching this play out the way it's going to play out could end up being fun, in the sense that people who don't understand it are gonna have reactions to it that will be humorous and entertaining. 


I Don't Want a TV to be Smart

RUSH:  What am I doing here that's screwing up this television?  Well, I clap my hands, and the TV expects voice commands.  Weirdest damn thing. (interruption)  No, it's not the clapper app.  It's some weird thing.  These are "smart" TVs, and I don't want a TV to be smart.  I want to be the smart guy operating the TV.  I don't want the TV to be acting like a phone does.  


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