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Where Have You Hollywood Liberals Been?

RUSH:  The sultan of Brunei happens to own major hotel properties out here, I mean, five star, ten star, top drawer, Beverly Hills Hotel and the Hotel Bel-Air. Now, the sultan of Brunei is Muslim, and the sultan of Brunei has just ratcheted up the endorsement of Sharia law, which is the standard belief system of 90% of the world's Muslims who are Sunnis, in his own country...  The gays and lesbians of Southern California are massing every day to protest this guy.  Yesterday Jay Leno showed up to join the protest. 

Podesta Helps Obama Play Dictator

RUSH: Let's move on to the White House now and the reestablishment of climate change and global warming as a new primary impetus of the White House because it offers the president opportunities to be dictatorial.  Executive orders and executive actions.  Now, John Podesta was dragged out yesterday to all of a sudden make some comments about this...


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