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Schumer Gets Big Yogurt Pals Perk of Being NY's Official Snack ... Dingy Harry Blames Koch Brothers for Bad Weather ... US Economy Downgraded, China Rising  ... Single Obamacare Tax Could Cost Up to 286,000 Jobs ... 

Women Columnists Practically Plagiarize Each Other to Attack Monica Lewinsky for Exposing Their Revisionism of Bill Clinton's Impeachment

RUSH: The news media is on its way to succeeding in rewriting the Lewinsky affair.  They've tried to make it sound cute. They've tried to make it sound puppy love cute. ... This was serious stuff.  It was about suborning perjury in a sexual harassment case.  It was also about Bill Clinton. When I say suborning perjury, he asked Monica to lie.

Obama Promises Gullible Meteorologists That He Can Control the Weather with Higher Taxes and Regulations

RUSH: Why doesn't somebody go back to 1985 and examine what these same people were saying it was gonna be today, and then learn that they didn't know what they were talking about then?  Because what they're saying is gonna happen in 2100, it was gonna have started by now and it hasn't.  There hasn't been any warming. Sea level isn't rising or lowering.


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