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Dr. Condi Rice Backed Out for 50 Rutgers Malcontents, While USC Charges Students for Nancy Pelosi Speech


RUSH: Dr. Rice, a good moderate Republican, said (summarized), "Okay, you don't want me? I won't show up.  Commencement is about the students and their big day -- and even though I firmly believe everything I believe, and even though I really think that what I believe is really good and worthwhile hearing -- I still will back out," thereby demonstrating how reasonable, tolerant, and understanding she is. 


RUSH: So Condoleezza Rice backs out and then it's all hunky-dory.  Yesterday on Fox News' America's Newsroom, Bill Hemmer spoke with Emily Tisch Sussman, Center for American Progress Action Fund, about the protest at Rutgers over Condoleezza Rice speaking at commencement.  Hemmer said, "Karl Rove is saying the protest against Secretary Rice is hypocrisy. 

"They invite Hillary Clinton. He's saying, you know, she voted for the Iraq War."  That's exactly what I said.  Every Democrat that they could get to speak voted for the Iraq War.  The reason they said they don't want Dr. Rice is 'cause she is a war criminal.  She voted for it, she prosecuted it, she ran the Iraq War.  Every Democrat in the Senate voted for it, too, with maybe two or three exceptions.  So here is Emily Tisch Sussman answering.

SUSSMAN:  Look, I mean, there is a difference between the roles here.  But to be clear on the facts, the university invited Condoleezza Rice. They continued to invite her; they kept the invitation open.  Then they saw one of the largest protests of the students on campus that they've ever had on any issue, and she withdrew her invitation so as not to cause a distraction.

WEBB:  This is not a large a protest.  And, frankly, as someone who's not only been to the campus of Rutgers but lives in New Jersey, I've seen a lot larger. So let's puts it in context.

HEMMER:  The numbers I have are like 45,000 undergrad and like 50 students involved in this.

WEBB:  Fifty protesters.

HEMMER:  Emily, I mean, is that Rutgers largest?

SUSSMAN:  Look, they are saying that they had nearly a hundred when they went in to the president to speak about this, but they're saying -- you know, the school's reporting -- -- this is one of the largest protests they've had.

RUSH:  Fifty people, folks.  Fifty organized young malcontents, and it was portrayed as the largest protest ever. (impression) "Yeah, well, it might have been 50, but I think the school said when they finally allowed up it was a hundred."  Big whoop! A hundred? We'll even give 'em doubling it. It's the biggest protest in history of the school? It can't possibly be! Sotomayor led bigger protests than this.  Fifty people, folks.

Fifty people put the fear of God into 45,000. 



RUSH: Here's Lisa in Orange County, California.  Welcome.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.

RUSH:  Hello.

CALLER:  Hello.  Hi, Rush.  I'm so happy to talk to you today because I really need your advice.

RUSH:  Oh.  Well, I'm happy to try.

CALLER:  Okay.  Well, my daughter, we homeschool our daughter.  Both kids, but my oldest is about to graduate from UC Berkeley, and the commencement speaker is Nancy Pelosi.  And my husband and I thought, well, being the tolerant conservatives we are, we would sit through her commencement address respectfully. But my advice I'm asking you for is, if I were to muster up 50 people, maybe a hundred people, what do you think my chances are of Nancy Pelosi withdrawing?

RUSH:  Zilch, zero, nada.  Absolutely none.  You could have --

CALLER:  Of course.

RUSH:  -- 20,000 people protest Pelosi, and they would have her speak just because of that.

CALLER:  Yeah.  Yeah.

RUSH:  Two-way street.  Now, are you gonna go and you gonna listen to Pelosi speak?

CALLER:  Oh, yeah, definitely.  I'm gonna go to that.  She's speaking at the main commencement, and then my daughter has the department graduation also. But she's enjoyed Berkeley.  She thinks she's more conservative now than when she went in.

RUSH:  Let me tell you, there's a growing conservative, slash, Republican student population in Berkeley.  People are surprised when they hear that.

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  It's still a liberal hotbed and you should be warned and prepared.  I mean, you have an idea of the kind of things Pelosi's gonna say at this commencement, I'm sure.

CALLER:  Yeah, sure.  I guess I'll have to hear it until, you know, to learn what she's gonna say, I have to wait and see.

RUSH:  No, you don't.  I could tell you.  I could tell you what she's gonna say.  I know exactly. Well, I don't know word-for-word what she's gonna say but I know the points that she's gonna make.  A, it's gonna be about her disguised as being about students.  It's gonna be warning the students to not be talked out of global warming and to make sure that they support Obamacare. It'll be how bad the Koch brothers are.  It'll have every element of the Democrat agenda in it --

CALLER:  Yeah, yeah, it will.

RUSH:  -- disguised as guidance for the students as they head into the world to save it.

CALLER:  Yes.  Well, it's gonna be interesting, but we're very proud of our daughter and she's graduating with highest honors. So we're looking forward to it in spite of having to sit through --

RUSH:  Good.  You can do that.  See, you wouldn't even think of protesting this school.  You're not afraid of Pelosi.  You can go listen to what some socialist babe has to say without having your life threatened, but they can't do that at Rutgers.  They're such cowards, they can't even subject themselves to somebody that's, A, smarter than they are and wants to say things they may not agree with.  They're a bunch of cowards.  You're not.  You're totally confident.  You're exactly like the point a caller made the other day.  When you really believe what you believe, when you fervently believe it, you have all the confidence in the world, you don't care who disagrees.  You're willing to tackle anything with 'em 'cause you're not intimidated. 

It's only when you're not sure of what you believe in or when you're faking it and don't believe it that you don't want to be confronted by people that disagree.  You wouldn't even think of trying to deny the school the right to have whoever they want to speak there.  I mean, you might object to it. I mean, this is no different than having Daniel Ortega up from Nicaragua to speak.  It's the same thing.  But that's the thing.  You've got the confidence in yourself and your daughter to be able to go up and listen to this and not end up being brainwashed by it and, in fact, use it as a learning opportunity.  You're just making a joke.  You wouldn't think of calling the school and demanding that they rescind the invitation.


RUSH:  By the way, I just found out that the students at the University of California Berkeley are being charged an extra $10 to hear Pelosi give the commencement speech.  The Washington Free Beacon:  "Berkeley Charges Graduating Students for Commencement Ceremony Featuring Nancy Pelosi -- The University of California, Berkeley is charging its students $10 each to attend their own commencement address that will be delivered by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.). ... '[The money is] to absorb the cost of commencement,' Lila Blanco, director of external relations and the Office of Protocol at the university, said in an interview with The Daily Californian, the school’s official newspaper."  So is Pelosi charging Berkeley so much they have to find a way to recoup the expense? 


RUSH: There's other things about Pelosi here.  From The Daily Californian, which is the school newspaper that mentions they have to charge 10 bucks to defray the cost of the commencement, there's a little thing: "10 things you need to know about Nancy Pelosi before she speaks at UC Berkeley’s commencement.

"1. She keeps Ghirardelli chocolate stocked in her office at all times.

"2. Pelosi is worth a boatload of money.

"3. She’s known to eat ice cream for breakfast.

"4. Pelosi knows Brad Pitt.

"5. Pelosi has appeared on both Top Chef and 30 Rock.

"6. Five years ago, she made a YouTube video with her cats.

"7. Diane von Furstenberg created a tote bag in support of Pelosi.

"8. She’s a big fan of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s tattooed arms.

"9. Pelosi supports Kentucky Fried Chicken over Chick-Fil-A.

"10. Her mother wanted her to be a nun.

So that's what the students are being told about Pelosi, 10 things the graduating seniors at Berkeley need to know about Pelosi before she shows up to give her giant commencement address, which, again, is costing them an additional $10 over what it would normally be.  


RUSH: Let me go back to the Daily Californian, the 10 things you need to know about Pelosi, this is the school newspaper.  Pelosi's coming to do the commencement and they have these 10 things you need to know about her.  She keeps Ghirardelli chocolate in the office.  She's worth a butt load of money, known to eat ice cream, knows Brad Pitt. She's appeared on Top Chef and 30 Rock. She made a YouTube video with her cats. Diane Furstenberg made a tote bag in honor of her. She's a big fan of 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick's tattoos. She's cool, see. Pelosi's cool, she's so cool, she's hip.  That's all that garbage means. 

That's not the 10 things any soon-to-be big time adult needs to know about Nancy Pelosi.  Those are harmless things that don't get anywhere near telling anybody about who Nancy Pelosi really is.  


RUSH: This is Cheryl in Woodbridge, Connecticut.  Great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH:  Yeah.  You bet.

CALLER:  I just called because I heard you commiserating with people earlier about the unfortunate choices they had for their commencement day speakers.  I was calling to pile on and say I think Yale is taking the cake this year.  My son is graduating, and we have to listen to John F. Kerry -- or actually, they propose that we listen to John F. Kerry on the class day, the day before the graduation. But unfortunately we are otherwise occupied at that time because they don't want to hear Kerry speak.

RUSH:  Well, if you don't want to go, that's fine.  I don't blame you.  Some people, even if they're not afraid of it, say, "You know, why subject yourself to this?  It's just gonna be a bunch of claptrap."

CALLER:  We're not afraid of it, but, you know, Kerry talks a lot and doesn't accomplish much. He says a lot of things and a lot of offensive things, and his recent behavior has been particularly unfortunate.  At least Yale has the class to not rescind an invitation, even after he does something offensive.

RUSH:  And the offensive thing that you're talking about is what?

CALLER:  Well, one of the most recent ones I thought was his basically calling Israel an apartheid state.

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  Which, of course, we know is not the case.

RUSH:  Yeah, he did that in private.  It wasn't intend intended for anybody to hear other than the Trilateral Commission and the one-worlders in there, the New World Order crowd. Somebody taped it and it got out, and he then tried to deny it.  "I am not going to sit here and allow people to categorize me!"  Well, you don't have to "allow" us, sir.  You said it.  



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