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Obama Promises Gullible Meteorologists That He Can Control the Weather with Higher Taxes and Regulations


RUSH: I want to pick up with one subject we left off yesterday.  Obama, as you know, appeared with a whole bunch of TV meteorologists about climate change, about the new White House report on global warming.  By the way, there's a new term now.  Global warming is out. Climate change is out. The new one is climate disruption.  Well, climate change, they can't get anywhere near a majority of people caring about this.  The economy remains everybody's number one concern.  So climate disruption is the next catchphrase that they're gonna use in trying to persuade people.  We have some sound bites of Obama being interviewed by these TV weather people. 

We got one sound bite from CNN, and it's Jake Tapper speaking to one of their correspondents, Tom Foreman, about the White House National Climate Assessment report that was released yesterday.  Jake Tapper says, "Let's look at the future, Tom, let's look at the year 2100.  What is the report saying will happen if we do something or if we do nothing?" 

Now, stop and think.  We are in 2014.  The White House has a report telling us what's going to be the weather in 86 years.  Now, I want to ask you, if you turn on your local news affiliate, your favorite local Eyeball News affiliate and the local weather guy comes on and seriously gives you a weather forecast for 86 years from now, are you going to believe it?  If he gives you a forecast, I mean an explicit, definitive, with the high temperature, the low temperature, percentage chance of rain, whatever, next year, same day next year, are you going to believe it?  Not seasonal averages. If he tells you exactly what it's gonna be, no way you're gonna believe it. 

Are you gonna believe a weather forecast 50 years from today?  No.  But, see, they say, "Well, the climate, Rush, that's not the weather."  Well, it manifests itself as weather.  I mean, it may not be the study, the science may not be the same, but climate change manifests itself as weather.  Droughts and snowstorms and rainstorms, sinking or rising sea levels and melting glaciers and all that, those are all gonna have impact on the weather. 

I saw a story.  Do you know that El Nino slows the earth's rotation on its axis?  Had you heard that, Brian?  El Nino.  It's only temporary because when El Nino goes away the earth picks up the speed and makes up what it lost.  Absolute crock.  If that ever happens, folks, we are in heap big doo-doo.  Anyway, let's go and listen.  Tom Foreman first answering Jacob Tapper's question, "Okay, the White House climate change report came out, and what do they tell us it's gonna be in 86 years, Tom?"

FOREMAN:  The report is saying if we do something, the effect continues 'cause it's not all man-made. They're not saying that. They're saying there are other effects.  If we do nothing they're saying we still get a four to five degree increase in temperature, that is, if we do something.  If we do something, that's what you get. But if you do nothing they're saying it's much worse, eight to nine degrees.  So it's part science, part politics, Jake, but very pointed.

RUSH:  Why doesn't somebody go back to 1985 and examine what these same people were saying it was gonna be today, and then learn that they didn't know what they were talking about then?  Because what they're saying is gonna happen in 2100, it was gonna have started by now and it hasn't.  There hasn't been any warming. Sea level isn't rising or lowering. The arctic ice is bigger than it's ever been. The polar bears, there's so much it's threatening them, in fact, so much ice.  Not enough water for 'em to get to.  Not kidding, folks. 

But here you have this reporter, this Foreman just swallows it all, just eats it up. The White House, the government, the Obama administration released a report, just believe it. I have never been one of these people who automatically believe this kind of stuff.  That's why I'm sort of a loner 'cause I have nothing in common with a whole lot of people.  I am not a follower of conventional wisdom.  Intellectually I can't.  This is so absurd!  I would be embarrassed to go on TV and honestly say what this guy said last night. 

I would be embarrassed.  (imitating Foreman) "Well, Jake, let me tell you what I learned today.  That even if we don't do anything, temperatures are gonna go up eight to nine degrees.  Eight to nine degrees if we do nothing.  If we do something, four to five degrees, and that's bad enough, Jacob. But if we don't do anything it's gonna be intolerable." 

So how smart are these people?  Even if we do something, we still have a disaster, and they're telling people who aren't even gonna be alive.  The whole thing just boggles the mind.  So now let's get to the real wizards of smart, the local TV weather people talking to Barack Obama.  This is the Today show today, Al Roker interviewed Obama, and Al Roker said, "Why has it taken so long to get to this point where you are sounding this urgency?"

OBAMA:  Well, I tell you, we've been sounding this urgency for the last five years.  If we don't do more, we're gonna have bigger problems, more risk of economic impact and more risk of extreme weather events that can result in people losing their lives or losing their properties or businesses.  And -- and we've gotta have the public understand this is an issue that is gonna impact our kids and our grandkids unless we do something about it.

RUSH:  And of course Al Roker is sitting there smiling or nodding knowingly and swallowing it syllable by syllable.  And if you parse this, "Well, I tell you, Al, we've been sounding this urgency for the last five years.  If we don't do more, we're gonna have bigger problems. We're gonna have more risk of economic impact."  The biggest risk to our economy is the guy Al Roker was talking to.  We don't need to wait for global warming.  Three more years of this guy and we may not have an economy.  We don't need to wait on whatever global warming is gonna do. 

We're gonna have more risk of economic impact, more risk of extreme weather events. Oh.  Have we found a way to prevent those, Mr. President?  Have we literally found a way to reduce the number and risk of extreme weather events that can result in people losing their lives or losing their properties or businesses?  See, that's never happened before. The weather has never blown up anybody's business. A tornado, a hurricane, has never killed anybody yet, and if we don't start caring about this pretty soon, that is gonna start happening.  (interruption)  So if we don't act real fast, the economic impact and people's loss of life and their businesses being drowned and destroyed, we gotta act, Al. 

Does this mean, Mr. President, that you have a way of preventing these extreme weather events? (imitating Obama) "Yep, we do.  It's called raising taxes on the rich and EPA regulation on what you drive and, uh, things like that."  Oh, really?  So raising taxes and changing the cars people drive, that's gonna prevent extreme weather?  It's what they want people to believe.  There is not a single thing anybody can do to prevent a hurricane from forming.  There not a single thing we can do to steer one away from us when it does form.  There's not a single thing we can do to dissipate one once it does form.  There's not a single thing we can do about a tornado.  Ditto thunderstorm clouds and a line of squall, there's not a thing we can do, and we've never been able to and we're never going to be able to. 

The idea that the way Americans are living is responsible for these extreme weather events is insulting.  It ought to be insulting to everybody.  Up next, meteorologist Ginger Zee.  This is ABC's World News Tonight.  Meteorologist Ginger Zee interviewing Obama, and Ginger Zee said, "The new report, the climate situation we're in, it seems pretty dire, Mr. President.  What do you think you can get done in the next two years?"

OBAMA:  This climate assessment that's been done over the course of four years really establishes that climate change is already affecting Americans all across the country in every region, although in different ways.

RUSH:  Yeah?  Uh, climate change is, huh?  Affecting Americans all across the country in every region, although in different ways.  Climate change is doing this.  Really?  So now anything that happens in the weather is tied immediately to climate change. Meaning that if we can get our arms around climate change and stop it, we're gonna stop all these horrible weather events?  This is what they're actually asking people to believe.  And the sad thing is, there's a whole host of low-information people that apparently swallow this, although it isn't a big number.  This is the truly comforting thing, that the number of people that think this is top drawer issue is tiny, is single digits.  But it doesn't stop these people from trying to gin this up.  Okay, so then Ginger Zee asked Obama a question about the Keystone pipeline: "Will your legacy include a decision on that Keystone pipeline proposal?" 

OBAMA:  Well, Keystone's probably not gonna be the determinative factor.  We're gonna have to continue to increase the solar and wind power that we're using and other renewables.  This is not some faraway thing.  We can do something about it.

RUSH:  Now, this is one of the reasons why Obama wants to talk to these people.  Because he knows that they're just gonna fall right in line and ask him every softball question that he wants.  So she feeds him a line about Keystone so he can talk about alternative clean energies, "Mr. President, will your legacy include a decision on that Keystone pipeline?"  "Well, Keystone's probably not gonna be the determinative factor.  We're gonna continue to increase solar, wind that we're using and other renewables.  It's not some faraway thing." 

Yes, it is.  There isn't one drop of anything out there that will replace oil, not one.  We can't replace oil with wind. We can't replace it with solar.  You could replace it with nuclear, but we're not gonna put reactors in cars, and we're not gonna put reactors in airplanes to power them.  It's just so absurd.  Now, after all this, she was all excited. She was asked the highlight of the interview, and it was that Obama asked her a question.

ZEE:  And then something interesting happened, Diane.  The president actually asked me a question.  He wanted to know which storm was the worst that I had ever covered.  My answer, Hurricane Sandy and Katrina.

RUSH:  Wow!  What big news that was!  Holy smokes, Ginger Zee was actually asked a question by the president in the global warming segment, and he wanted to know what the biggest, worst storm was that she had ever covered.  "My answer:  Hurricane Sandy and Katrina."  And that's worth what to the viewer?  I don't know, folks.  



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