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Schumer Gets Big Yogurt Pals Perk of Being NY's Official Snack

RUSH: By the way, Chuck-U Schumer is tied at the hip with the New York yogurt company, in case you're wondering.  Look, folks, it's not me making this stuff up.  I mean, the official snack of New York is yogurt, and Chuck-U Schumer is tied at the hip with one of the companies.  You ever had yogurt-covered almonds?  They're... (interruption)  You have, Snerdley?  (interruption)  They're actually very good.  They're actually delicious.  Yeah, the white yogurt-covered almonds are great. I must tell you, they're very good.  

Dingy Harry Blames Koch Brothers for Bad Weather

RUSH: Harry Reid, by the way, here's another.  Harry Reid says that the Koch brothers are the main cause of global warming.  Yeah, the Koch brothers are the number one cause of global warming.  Now, that alone will tell you how stupid Democrat voters are because  that's who he's aiming it at.  The Koch brothers, main cause of global warming.  Well, why weren't we told this 20 years ago?  The Koch brothers are in their seventies.  Well, maybe sixties, I don't know, but the Koch brothers have been rich Koch brothers for a long time.  And it's only this week we learn they're the main cause of global warming?  


No, he doesn't say why the Koch brothers are the main 'cause of global warming, Harry Reid.  He doesn't say why.  He's probably gonna eventually if he's pressed on it.  Well, they're in the oil business, and they do this and that.  It's literally insane.  Senseless. 

US Economy Downgraded, China Rising

RUSH: At the White House Correspondents Dinner, the nerd prom last weekend, Pelosi said she's confident that the ChiComs are not overtaking us as the world's strongest economy.  She didn't say how she knew it, she just said, come on, lighten up, there's no way that that's gonna happen.  Meanwhile, just today, JPMorgan Chase lowered the estimate for first quarter growth to a negative 0.8%.  Goldman Sachs lowered their estimate to negative 0.6%, which is just to say that both JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs are now saying we had negative growth in the first quarter, despite the Obamacare spending. 

The Regime put out 0.1%, one-tenth of a percent growth in the first quarter of the economy, and they blamed it on the weather.  Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, negative.  I mean, that's heartless, and it's cruel, and it is so unnecessary.  

Single Obamacare Tax Could Cost Up to 286,000 Jobs

RUSH: From The Daily Caller, there's a report that just one Obamacare tax could cost up to 286,000 jobs.  


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