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Women Columnists Practically Plagiarize Each Other to Attack Monica Lewinsky for Exposing Their Revisionism of Bill Clinton's Impeachment


RUSH: Lynne Cheney was on Fox last night and said that this whole Monica Lewinsky thing has been sanctioned by Hillary. Essentially that Monica will do and say whatever the Clintons want whenever they want her to do it, and that the theory is they did this now to get it out of the way. One of many things to be kicked out of the way to clear the decks for this theoretical Hillary presidential run in 2016. 

And, lo and behold, there are three columns today by three female columnists, one of them I really like, in fact.  Andrea Peyser of the New York Post, then MoDo, Maureen Dowd at the New York Times, and Ruth Marcus at the Washington Post.  And they're all the same piece.  They are all the same piece.  They are all trashing the woman.  And they use the same terminology.  It's almost like these three women got a heads-up and followed through.  I mean, if one of these women wanted to -- (interruption)  A heads-up and then followed through, you know, got talking points or got a guideline memo or whatever.  I mean, it's so close that these women could sue each other for plagiarism here. 

Every one of these columns quotes Diane Blair, some former Clinton bimbo eruption babe that helped Hillary.  She called Monica a "narcissistic Looney Tune."  It's in every one of these three columns, every one.  Andrea Peyser, Maureen Dowd, Ruth Marcus, they use the same talking points. They tick off Monica's employment stops over the past 20 years.  Each one of them used the phrase from these recently released secret documents from the Hillary confidante, Diane Blair, that she was a "narcissistic Looney Tune."

Now, look, what are the chances that all three of these independent female columnists, these women, would write essentially the same column on their own? I guess it could be possible.  But let me tell you what this is.  The news media is on its way to succeeding in rewriting the Lewinsky affair.  They've tried to make it sound cute. They've tried to make it sound puppy love cute. They've tried to make it sound like harmless sex, a momentary dalliance by our president, otherwise committed and donated to greatness.  But it wasn't about that.  It was never really about that. 

This was serious stuff.  It was about suborning perjury in a sexual harassment case.  It was also about Bill Clinton.  When I say suborning perjury, he asked Monica to lie. He also was convicted of lying to the grand jury and lost his law license for a time over it.  This was really serious stuff, and that's what the impeachment was about.  Impeachment wasn't about Lewinskys under the desk in the Oval Office.  And they turned one of the most asexual people you will ever run across, Ken Starr, into a peeping Tom pervert in the media, which he never was.  But if you'll recall -- since the onslaught is here, folks, it's time to push back on this and remind everybody what was going on back then. 

You know, they want to make it cute. They want to make it sound like it was harmless little incidental momentary sex here and there.  But this was about Bill Clinton willing to put the country at risk in order to distract the country from this scandal.  And I'm not just talking about Clinton getting oral sex under his desk when he was supposed to be talking to world leaders.  Lest we forget, he was on the phone with Dick Morris, who was across the street in some hotel suite bragging about toe sucking while Lewinsky was under the desk in the Oval Office.  They're on the phone. 

In the meantime, there are real live dangerous world events taking place out there. Real military activities were going on.  And Clinton was supposed to be talking to world leaders.  He was not doing his job. That's why they're trying to turn this into nothing but sex so the low-information crowd and everybody else will think it's harmless. In fact maybe even cool.  Do you remember, ladies and gentlemen, Clinton's Operation Infinite Reach?  You probably don't remember the name, but you will remember this when I tell you what it was.  Missile strikes were ordered against suspected terrorist bases in Sudan and Afghanistan.  When?  Three days after Clinton was called to testify before a grand jury about this Lewinsky scandal. 

And remember, the missile strikes in the Sudan took out a factory making Tylenol.  We were told that it was some terrorist haunt where big-time weapons were being made, and it turns out that it was Tylenol being made.  The missile strikes in Afghanistan didn't hit anything.  They were supposed to hit some high-value terror target and they missed.  And later on people thought maybe that was intentional.  It's the same time frame, if you recall -- and I do -- we launched missiles into Baghdad on a Saturday night, in an office tower, such as there are office towers in Baghdad.

There was one in there, and the janitor was the only guy in the room, in the building.  I think he escaped serious injury, but that was it.  All of this was for show.  All of this was for distraction.  We're launching missiles to distract people from this.  This wasn't about sex.  Operation Infinite Reach was designed to show that the president was on the job, that the president was on the case.  And all this stuff begins three days after Clinton was called to testify.  You could say it's a version of Wag the Dog. 

In fact, Operation Infinite Reach attacks became known as Monica's war among TV news people, 'cause the timing was so obvious.  The timing was obvious.  They laughingly called it Monica's war.  Don't misunderstand.  The media was not critical of any of this.  They were just yukking it up and laughing 'cause they thought this was really taking it to Ken Starr and this was really good. This was Clinton running rings around the Republicans and making them look like fools and prudes and everything else.  Meanwhile, Clinton is destroying aspirin factories and no targets in Afghanistan and a janitor in Baghdad.  And they're sort of laughingly calling this Monica's war. 

You're not reading about any of this, are you?  The history of this is.  No, no.  You're reading, they're turning this into a total, almost a high school, junior high school sex story.  (interruption)  Well, no, it's not a cat fight, Monica versus Hillary.  Hillary is running Monica.  That's Lynne Cheney's point.  By the way, this is not the first time Lewinsky stepped forward.  This is not the first time Lewinsky has come forward with news or some detail of this.  This is in Vanity Fair, not incidental or insignificant that it's in Vanity Fair.  That is a very highly approved publication for the elite left, and it'll get picked up by the jokers in the local Drive-By Media.  I mean, it's highbrow TMZ.  And it's designed to inoculate Mrs. Clinton. 

Now, not through here.  Just a few months after Operation Infinite Reach, Clinton launched another one.  This one was called Operation Desert Fox, a four-day campaign of bombing targets in Iraq.  This is the one where they took out the janitor.  It just happened to occur at the same time the House of Representatives were conducting their impeachment hearings.  In fact, the bombing ended as soon as the House voted to impeach Clinton.  It was just a coincidence, everybody said.  It was just another extension of Monica's war, they laughed. 

But you have the president of the United States launching live missiles that blew up when they hit their targets.  They exploded, and you know what happens if you happen to be around a bomb that explodes, you might die.  You might be severely wounded.  Did any of that matter?  Hell, no.  Collateral damage?  Not worth talking about.  We've got to distract everybody from what Lewinsky's doing and the grand jury's doing where suborning perjury was ordered by Clinton and where he himself lied before the grand jury. 

Some of these missiles were launched from American aircraft.  They were even willing to put our pilots at risk, even the country at risk, with terrorist reprisals just to try and distract from Bill Clinton scandals.  It was all nothing more than a distraction designed to show Clinton, A, big, tough military guy on the job.  It was just sex.  It had nothing to do with his leadership or doing his job, and he was never off the job and da-da-da-da-da-da.  Meanwhile, I think it is while one of these operations was going on, there was something -- I'll have to find this to be specific.  But when Clinton was on the phone with Dick Morris across the street in a hotel suite while he was sucking somebody's toes, Clinton was supposed to be talking to world leaders. 

Now, they're all laughing on the other side of the glass.  I can imagine how this sounds.  But Morris, you know, he has come forward and admitted he feels very bad about this and he recommitted to his marriage.  It was all a game to these people.  The whole thing is nothing more than image management, PR manage, all this was.  And it's continuing, is my point, as they try to portray -- remember 1997, that is 17 years ago, folks, so somebody who's 25 today was eight when this was going on.  Again, young people, the target of all this, there's an effort being made.  "Hey, it's nothing different than what you're doing in your dorm room every night.  The president did it, it's cool, man."  Except you weren't launching missiles at an aspirin factory while telling everybody it was a terrorist target, by the way. 

We were all told he was launching missiles at some weapons manufacturing base or some such thing in Sudan.  But I know that when Clinton and Dick Morris were talking there was something really serious that was supposed to be going on at the same time, maybe supposed to have meetings on the phone with world leaders or what have you.  So the Clintons, buy one, get one free, blue plate special, remember that?  If you elect Bill, you get Hillary by default, buy one, get one free.  So the Clintons were even willing to involve the US military in their War on Women.  They were willing to put our pilots' lives at risk, even the country at risk, because all of this could have generated terrorist reprisals, all to distract from Bill's scandals.  And now we're told that we should just laugh about the memory, 'cause all it was was about sex. 

Besides, "What difference does it make now anyway?"  Well, if that's the thing, then why the big push?  Why all of a sudden out of the clear blue do we get Monica Lewinsky again telling the story and this time reshaping it, that the Clintons didn't do anything wrong.  Matt Drudge is the guy to blame for all this. Matt Drudge is who humiliated her. Matt Drudge and the Internet is the reason why Monica Lewinsky's life is a mess.  That's the story and that's what they're putting out there.  And now the Feds, the FEC, I think it is -- this is not a coincidence, either -- are suggesting that the Matt Drudge website should come under political regulation because he is engaging in endorsements in kind, which means that radio shows like this are not gonna be far behind.  And all of this is to distract everybody from who Bill and Hillary Clinton really are, and what Bill and Hillary Clinton have actually done. 

Do you people remember the name Robert "Red" Bone?  (interruption)  You don't remember that name?  It's another reason why I am your host and you are the listener.  Robert "Red" Bone is the man who taught Hillary how to turn 10 grand into a hundred grand in cattle futures.  Oh, that, and she read the Wall Street Journal.  Well, when this all popped, I wanted to find out where is Robert "Red" Bone today, and it turns out he died two years ago. 

So, the story of becoming a cattle futures investment expert must stand.  Robert "Red" Bone and there was somebody else involved.  I always liked the guy, just for the name: Robert "Red" Bone from Arkansas.  But he is no more.  Now, in the sense that it was "just sex," what nobody seems to have noticed here in the Lewinsky Vanity Fair piece is that Monica is currently contradicting Clinton. 

She says... She made a big deal out of this.  This is one of the pull quotes.  The story hasn't actually appeared yet.  They just had the pull quotes to promo the thing.  She says it was "consensual sex." So it was sex, despite Bill's claims, "I never had sexual relations with that woman... Not a single time, not ever."  And then they came out and they said that BJs (now popularly known as "Lewinskys") aren't sex, anyway.

And that has become popularized as early as the seventh grade now, in some schools.  


RUSH:  As usual, folks, the angle known as the truth is what is seemingly always left up to me.  Everybody, everybody out there today is talking about the sex aspect of the Clinton-Lewinsky relationship.  When you talk about impeachment, that has nothing to do with it, literally nothing to do with it. It was lying about it and then all of this other stuff. 

But I think it's a key point. 

You know, Monica, she said it was consensual sex. What she's trying to say is that this guy did not force himself on her, and we never thought he did.  If anybody forced... This woman showed up delivering the pizza -- you know, two slices short of a full load -- and she was as eager as she could be.  It was consensual.  She said it was "consensual sex," despite Bill's claims he never had sex with her. 

Lewinsky also said it wasn't forced, and we know this.  But that flies in the face of everything we've been told by the feminazis, who say that it can't be consensual sex with this kind of imbalance of power.  Well, you've got such a powerful man and a lowly intern delivering pizza.  It can't be consensual no matter what the victim (in this case, the woman) says.  It can't be. 

Same thing as "children don't lie." If they say something happened to them, it happened.  The feminists have taught us this.  The feminists have said there is no way a boss can have consensual sex with his intern.  It just isn't possible, unless the boss is a Democrat. Well, here we are talking about the ultimate imbalance of power: Monica, an unpaid intern, and her boss the president of the United States. 

By the way, ABC News reported a couple days ago: "Monica Lewinsky E-mail Omitted From Latest Batch of Clinton Documents."  What was that about?  Well, once again I, El Rushbo, have the news.  "An email from Monica Lewinsky was omitted from the Clinton library [and massage parlor]'s latest document dump for privacy reasons. ... Included in a list of withdrawn/redacted documents ... is an email from Monica Lewinsky's Pentagon email address.

"Vaguely referenced as concerning a 'medical record,' the omitted email is listed as four pages long." So there's a whole bunch of stuff here that isn't being commented on.  Remember, Monica Lewinsky told Ken Starr she gave oral sex to Bill while Bill was talking to some senator or congressman on the phone?  Remember that?  White House logs show that Clinton talked to two members of Congress, Jim Chapman and John Tanner during the particular time in question.  


RUSH:  TIME Magazine, September 21st, 1998, story, "High Crimes? Or Just a Sex Cover-Up?" Clinton was talking to a congressman about sending troops to Bosnia,  Lewinsky says. This is in TIME Magazine now, September 21st, 1998.  That would be almost 16 years ago.  "Lewinsky says she was performing a sex act on Clinton while he spoke to Alabama Representative Sonny Callahan. The lawmaker, aghast, says they were discussing American troops in Bosnia."

So picture this.  You've got Clinton in the Oval Office, he's on the phone talking to a ... representative from Alabama about sending troops to Bosnia. This guy thinks he's got Clinton's attention and under the desk is Monica Lewinsky.  (interruption)  How does who remember all this?  (interruption)  How does she remember it all?  (interruption)  Well, she may not.  There are logs in the White House.  All she'd have to do is provide the time that she was doing the sex act, and somebody goes (paraphrasing), "Well, what was Clinton doing then?  Oh, he's on the phone here with Alabama Sonny Callahan." 

Then they go to Callahan, "Were you talking to Clinton about troops in Bosnia?" 

"Yes, sir, I was." 

"Well, do you know what was going on during that conversation?" 

"No, I don't." 

"Well, 'cause Clinton, President Clinton was getting a blow -- eh, a Lewinsky under the desk in the Oval Office while he was talking to you." 

That's what was going on, and today the left just loves all of this. They love the fact that Clinton got away with it. They love the fact that they had the right wing running in circles. They love the fact that a bunch of highbrow moralists were so righteously offended.  This is why Clinton is still a rock star in the Democrat Party because he got away with all this.  That's the big deal.  Nobody is concerned.  Sonny Callahan was a Republican, by the way. 

And you say how would Lewinsky remember?  This woman was in love.  This woman kept the blue dress, Dawn, for crying out loud.  How would she remember what Clinton was doing?  I'll bet you she hasn't forgotten a moment of this relationship.  My guess is she's still pining for it.  My guess is she still loves the big lug.  In her mind, that's her terminology.  The AP, again, the effort here to do anything you can to make this about something other than what it's really about. 

"Lewinsky Speaking Up For People Trashed Online -- Monica Lewinsky says there's no question her boss -- Bill Clinton -- 'took advantage' of her when he was president.  But she says their affair was consensual and if there was any abuse involved, it came afterward," on the Internet, Matt Drudge.  Clinton didn't abuse her.  He loved her, she's convinced, and she loved him, she knows.

She points out: "Clinton's inner circle tried to discredit her and the president's opponents used her as a political pawn." You mean people like James Carville talking about Paula Jones? (imitating Carville) "Well, you never know. You got a dollar bill and you drag it through a trailer park, you never know what you're gonna end up with.  Probably a girl gonna be with our president."  Yeah, dollar bill through a trailer park.  What do you get?  Somebody that's with Bill Clinton.  They said it.  But Hillary and the gang, they went first gear, third gear, whatever, high gear destroying Lewinsky, and then she said, ah, that's okay, but it was Matt Drudge that really humiliated me online. 

So now she is writing about her life in the next issue of Vanity Fair magazine and "she says she's perhaps the first Internet era scapegoat and wants to speak out on behalf of other victims of online humiliation." (interruption) What?  Yes.  That's exactly right.  Clinton was getting oral sex with the fate of American troops in Bosnia in the balance, not to mention the fate of the Balkans.  Exactly right.  He's talking to a Republican Congressman about troops there, Sonny Callahan.  Yeah, I thought I had his full attention, Callahan said. 

Okay, so Monica, her cause now is to stand up for and defend the Humiliated, capital H, online.  Which is the full extent of what this article has to say on the subject of being trashed online.  That's it.  I hope she's sincere. I hope she'll now speak up for Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, the other bimbos that Bill and Hillary and Clinton war room people, Clinton team trashed in public.  I doubt that that's gonna happen. 

Anyway, just to remind you, Lynne Cheney thinks this whole thing is about helping get Lewinsky, the issue, out of the way.  And I just want to remind you what really was going on back then, why people were really upset, why it had nothing to do with sex. I mean, sex, yeah, it was offensive to people, but it was not a surprise.  This is the thing.  People expected this. 

I need to remind you of a prediction.  You know, I don't even know if I ever mentioned this in public.  I don't know if I have, so I better not name the person to whom I made this prediction.  But this person eventually became a United States senator.  And when this person was in New York traveling around meeting various media, deciding whether or not to run -- I had met this person prior occasions.  And we had breakfast prior to her first media meeting which I happened to drive her to on my way to the EIB Building in Midtown Manhattan, and I predicted to her that something like this gonna happen. 

And I was met with, "You gotta be, you can't be, it's not gonna happen, there is no way it's ever."  And of course I got the "you know, you were right" e-mail.  My point is, we knew who Clinton was.  There had been Gennifer Flowers. There had been Paula Jones.  There had been a whole parade.  And the idea that it was gonna stop once he got to the Oval Office, none of us expected that.  And of course it didn't.  And Hillary knew.  This is the other thing.  I think one of Hillary's jobs was to manage all this and keep it under the cover, uh, under the radar. 

I think what really made everybody in the White House mad is he was so stupid to do this in the Oval Office with somebody so young and got caught.  I think they viewed Clinton as a sex addict and nothing was gonna make him stop this.  We have to try to manage this, bimbo eruptions and what have you. They had a system in place to deal with all these various women that would come forth or perhaps come forth.  And this one they couldn't control.  And they're still trying to, if you notice, they're still trying to, shall I say, massage this and position this and characterize this as harmless sex. 

Married man, first lady off doing whatever, harmless sex while he's talking about troop movements and bombing aspirin factories and lying to grand juries.  Can't have that be what this was about.  No ho-ho-ho way.  Because then you gotta talk about, well, what did Hillary know, when did she know it.  You know, Hillary goes out and blames the vast right-wing conspiracy for this on the Today Show. The media picks that up and runs with it, and before long, we were all making jokes.

I remember wanting to take credit for hiring Lewinsky and giving her the White House pass and getting the pizza in her hand and telling her what time to go to the Oval Office, because they were blaming all of this on the vast right-wing conspiracy, that Lewinsky was only there because of us.  They really were.  And of course the media just lapped it all up, sopped it all up, licked it all up, whatever, in order to defend.  Look, in case you've forgotten.  They were just as defensive, protective of the Clintons as they are of Obama, 'cause it's the cause above all else. 

Even a couple of reporters for the New York Times said that Hillary eavesdropped on telephone calls as part of her controlling the bimbo eruptions.  I must be honest.  In the aftermath, Clinton goes out and lies, says, "I never had sex with that woman, not a single time, not ever, and I gotta get be back to work for the American people." Then later, blue dress, bam, stained blue dress, and the lie is exposed.  And then we're led to believe that Clinton was given the ice treatment all weekend by Chelsea and Hillary.  And then they had this trip to Martha's Vineyard or somewhere and they're all three walking to the helicopter over the White House grounds, arm in arm, all smiling, as though it's all better now.  But that they were all shocked.  And I don't believe that. 

This is the same guy, folks, don't forget.  At an anniversary of the Normandy invasion, this is the same guy who arranged for stones to be placed on the beach at Normandy so we could find them during photo-op and put them in the shape of a cross.  There aren't any rocks.  I have been there.  There aren't any stones, certainly not the size that he found.  Lone battleship out there on the horizon.  Media staging of practically every event. 

And this is the guy, don't forget this, remember this, a few short days before the Lewinsky story broke, you know, Newsweek had spiked it but Drudge was out there.  It hadn't hit yet.  Nobody knew anything about this yet.  And then one day there's a White House press briefing, and a reporter stands up and asks Mike McCurry about a picture on the front page of the LA Times, and McCurry (imitating McCurry), "I think that is one of the most despicable invasions of privacy I have ever seen made against a sitting president of the United States.  I think the LA Times should be ashamed, and I don't think anybody ought to pay attention." 

And nobody knew what it was.  Nobody had seen the LA Times.  What is it?  Thereby guaranteeing everybody would see it, thereby guaranteeing this despicable invasion of privacy would be on every media outlet possible.  It was a picture of Bill and Hillary both in their swimsuits, very attractive -- ahem -- dancing on the beach at one of the Virgin Islands.  We later learned that that was staged and that there was no music even being played.  They were just dancing out there.  Hillary was wearing a one-piece.  Just painting a picture for you here.  They're arm in arm and they're dancing and they're smiling and lovingly adoring each other. This is just days before the Lewinsky story hits. 

Anyway, that's that.  Through with it.  But I had to get all this stuff 'cause we got these three columns from these three women, they're almost identical today trying to position this thing as nothing but a harmless little sex romp with a young woman. You know, that's another thing.  This young woman, this intern who shows up with stars in her eyes and who knows whatever else, her life has been made a mess, no matter what you think of her. Her life has really been made a mess because of all this.  And all to protect the Clintons. (interruption) Somebody's telling me that that dancing on the beach picture was brought out while Clinton was preparing his deposition in the Paula Jones case.  That may be.  There's so many of these scandals that they may be running together and I may be getting them confused. 


RUSH: Here's Rick, Cortez, Colorado, as we start.  Glad you called and thank you for waiting Rick.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hello, Rush.

RUSH:  Yes, sir.

CALLER:  I called in to say that another side effect of Monica's war was that Osama Bin Laden fell under the radar and wasn't taken seriously as a threat because of Bill's Wag the Dog.

RUSH:  Well, you know, that's a point worth making because what country offered Clinton bin Laden?  Sudan.  And Clinton refused, claiming that we didn't have law sufficient to hold him based on -- (interruption)  Yeah, a matter of law enforcement and so forth.  And it was.  That was about the time that the Lewinsky thing was happening. 

And I tell you, Rick is right.  If you weren't around or paying attention back then, everything going on in the White House, the moment the Lewinsky story hit until Clinton left office, everything was about image and PR and things that were not real.  About saving a legacy, saving presidency, and saving Hillary and her political future.  



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