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"It's expensive to provide health care benefits for people. So if you, as a business, can legally off-load your health care plan to the Obamacare exchange and pay just a small penalty for two or three years, you're going to do it. Everybody's known this; everybody's known it's gonna happen."

"We are one of the few people talking about the 300 or more Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram, which, when I hear that name I think of A Whiter Shade of Pale."

"Obama wants you to lose your health care. The Democrats want single payer. They want everybody ultimately having to go to the government to get insurance and health care itself."

"Rich people willing to pay to be close to power, no matter who holds it."

"What in the world is shocking that Al-Qaeda would commit acts of terror? What, are we supposed think that Mitch McConnell is gonna grab a bunch of Republicans and fly over to Nigeria and kidnap the girls?"

"The Taliban has been doing a lot worse to schoolgirls than Boko Haram has in Nigeria; Obama's negotiating with them in Afghanistan."

"I am what is."

"Being deaf has many upsides, folks, many, many upsides that you will never understand."

"The Tea Party is not a party. It's a name. The Tea Party is a coalition of grassroots activists that have come together. They're idea people and they're not totally unified on everything, but they're identifiable as people who are fed up with the establishment of both parties, including the Republican Party."

"The media is taking that Senate race in North Carolina and, predictably, they're running with the news that the Tea Party's dead, that it doesn't exist. That's the tenor of the coverage, and it's actually quite different."

"This November is gonna be huge. If just half of the lies of Obamacare had been known, this wouldn't be a wave election. We'd be talking about the Democrat Party funeral."

"We got 300 Nigerian girls kidnapped by an Al-Qaeda group, and nobody cared or talked about it for a while. Hillary wouldn't call 'em a terror group."

"We have been here on the Left Coast since Tuesday, and today I will head over and get the brand-new cochlear turned on. Now I kind of know what to expect, but in a way I don't."


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