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North Koreans Unleash Racist Attack on Obama; Washington Post Blames America in the 1850s... Beverly Hills Hotel is a Ghost Town... Donald Sterling Tries Clinton Defense... Feminists Ticked Off There Aren't Enough Women in Climate Change Movement... Study: Women Who Never Sunbathe Twice as Likely to Die...

Your Host Takes Heat for Saying the President of the United States Should Have More Power Than a Twitter Hashtag

RUSH: If you've joined the hashtag, look, I understand the desire to want to be part of a story and to want to show you care... the people that can't do anything about this getting behind the Twitter hashtag, fine and dandy. But for the first lady of the United States and her husband to lead the Twitter hashtag effort here is pathetic, and it's an illustration that begs the question:  Is this how powerless we really are?  Is this the extent of our abilities?  Is this the extent of our willingness to project power around the world?  


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