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Pearls of Wisdom

"Symbolism over substance characterizes the modern Democrat Party and liberalism. They want to be judged on their intentions, not the results of their policies or actions."

"I don't know how to describe this other than magic. By itself, the thing I had turned on yesterday would require me to retire, it is so bad. But when I put the same chipmunk program on my left side and have them both, it doesn't even matter if the volume's the same, everything's improved a hundred percent or more. And it's inexplicable. It's an overwhelming success, but the first 20 minutes I thought it was an abject waste-of-time failure."

"People that can't do anything about these kidnapped Nigerian girls are getting behind the Twitter hashtag. That's fine and dandy. But for the first lady of the United States and her husband to lead the Twitter hashtag effort here is pathetic, and it's an illustration that begs the question: Is this how powerless we really are?"

"The best draft in the history of the National Football League was the Pittsburgh Steelers, 1974. Nobody's gotten close to that draft before or since. Five of those draft picks are in the Hall of Fame. That's just never happened before."

"If you want to know the real War on Women, this is it, an Al-Qaeda group kidnapping a bunch of young girls to sell them into slavery. That is your War on Women."

"About this North Korean racism against Obama, I wonder, ladies and gentlemen, a commissioner of the United Nations takes notice and bans North Korea for life and makes Kim Jong-un sell his country. That's the way you deal with it in the NBA."

"I still am in awe of the coincidence, or the blessing, that in my little speck of time to live on the earth, it's at the same time human beings have advanced to the point of inventing this technology. If I were a radio man 30 years ago and this had happened, it would have been the end of me as a radio man."

"In the big timeline of humanity, however long that is, our time on it is infinitesimally small, and mine happens to coincide with that kind of technology being created? How could you not believe in God?"

"The reason I couldn't practice hearing with my cochlear implant and get better on my left side is because my left side never forgot how to hear. I was only deaf for two or three months before getting the implant. So my brain, just in common parlance here, had not 'forgotten how to hear.' But on the right side, there was 13 years of dormancy. So there is room for it to relearn."

"To me it makes all the sense in the world to do what you can to maximize your life."

"When you lose your hearing, people can't relate to that because nobody can create it. You can't create artificial deafness like you can pretend to be blind or paralyzed. People just can't relate to not being able to hear, and therefore they cannot relate to the absolute disaster it can be for personal relationships, particularly intimate ones. It can break 'em up."

"The UN wouldn't know how to properly identify the root cause of poverty if it had to because the root cause of poverty is the isms: socialism, communism, Marxism, liberalism, you name it. You want everybody to be poor, that's what you do. Take a look at Venezuela."

"I have yet to be able to explain to people what artificial sound created by a cochlear implant sounds like. And I'm probably not gonna be able to do it, 'cause I don't remember ever hearing anything when I could hear normally that sounds like the way I hear now."


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