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North Koreans Unleash Racist Attack on Obama; Washington Post Blames America in the 1850s

RUSH: Did you heard about the North Koreans criticizing Obama? Have you heard about this? Ho! Hold on to your hats here. This is in the Washington Post. Quote: "The White House on Thursday sharply condemned a lengthy and racist North Korean screed against President Obama, calling the rhetoric from Pyongyang 'particularly ugly and disrespectful.'

"The rebuke came in response to a recently published diatribe by North Korea calling Obama a 'clown,' a 'dirty fellow' and somebody who 'does not even have the basic appearances of a human being.' Another part of the tirade declared, 'It would be perfect for Obama to live with a group of monkeys in the world's largest African natural zoo and lick the breadcrumbs thrown by spectators,'" close quote.

I expect that we'll respond in kind with a Twitter hashtag pretty damn quick.

About this North Korean racism, I wonder, ladies and gentlemen, if the commissioner of the United Nations takes notice and bans North Korea for life and makes Kim Jong-un sell his country. That's the way you deal with it in the NBA. Why not at the United Nations? We're into Donald Sterling territory here now with the North Koreans.

But you want to hear the piece de resistance in this Washington Post story? After quoting what the North Koreans said about Obama, just a couple of paragraphs down is this: "Propriety has never been a part of North Korean rhetoric, but rarely has Pyongyang so ferociously -- and personally -- attacked a US leader, in this case pulling language right out of the American 1850s."

Are you kidding me? The Washington Post thinks only Americans have ever used that kind of language? The Washington Post wants its readers to believe that this kind of language the North Koreans used to describe Obama originated in this country in the 1850s? This is another reason why I am writing the Rush Revere children's book series on American history.


Donald Sterling Tries Clinton Defense

RUSH:  There is other world news out there.  You see where Donald Sterling is now trying the Clinton defense? Donald Sterling is now trying the Clinton defense, and I'm not kidding. There's a new audiotape that has been published by Radar. On the audiotape, Donald Sterling is heard saying, "'I'm talking to a girl. I'm trying to have sex with her,' Sterling explains to a long-time friend in the recently recorded phone conversation obtained by Radar. 'I'm trying to play with her.

"'If you were trying to have sex with a girl and you're talking to her privately and you don't think anybody's there, you may say anything in the world!'" This is what's on the latest Sterling tape. So you see, the Clinton defense. It's just about sex. That's all it was. It was just an old codger who knows he's an old codger trying to talk the young into sex. It's nothing more than what Bill Clinton did with Monica Lewinsky.

So can't we move on and let Mr. Sterling get on with the business of running the Clippers? 'Cause I'm sure the thinking in the Sterling camp is they're saying, "Hey, it worked for Bill Clinton. We're reliving the Monica Lewinsky story here, and in that case of sexual abuse, the abuser is triumphing." Can you imagine how ticked off Sterling has to be watching this?


Beverly Hills Hotel is a Ghost Town

RUSH: Oh, how many of you have seen the story of the boycott out here of the Beverly Hills Hotel that you heard about on this program earlier in the week? Remember Jay Leno showing up there and protesting?  They've turned that place into a ghost town out here because the sultan of Brunei has imposed Sharia law in Brunei. The sultan of Brunei owns the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Dorchester group.  Dorchester is in London. It owns the Bel-Air hotel here, the Beverly Hills Hotel.  It's where the Polo Lounge is.  It's a ghost town, supposedly.  Nobody's going there. All these people that had their events planned there are canceling them because the gay community found out that under Sharia law, gays get stoned to death.

We've put together, ladies and gentlemen, a really, really funny parody about this Beverly Hills Hotel thing. You have that standing by, Mister Broadcast Engineer? We do. It's always when I call for it that they're going to get it. (Sharia Arms Hotel parody ad) We're always on the case here at the EIB Network, combining parody and satire with serious treatment of the news, a combination unfound anywhere else in modern American media.

Feminists Ticked Off There Aren't Enough Women in Climate Change Movement

RUSH: "Why are So Many White Men Trying to Save the Planet Without the Rest of Us?" This is Suzanne Goldenberg writing at the UKGuardian.com. "Climate change affects minorities and women, the elderly and the poor. But the leadership of the environmental [wacko] movement is pale and male. That doesn't look like progress." She's literally ticked off that there aren't any women in the climate change movement and that there aren't any female scientists out there, and she's feeling left out and excluded! 

This, I like.  I like the feminazis turning on leftists.  I love the feminazis turning gender liberalism on themselves.  What, women are gonna make climate change softer?  Are women going to eliminate climate change because they're more prone to agreement?  From the article: "Now take a look at the top executives at eight of the top 10 groups devoted to fighting that fight: Sierra Club? White male. Nature Conservancy? White male. League of Conservation Voters? White male. World Wildlife Fund? White male."

I'm not kidding you.  This is in the article.  "Environmental Defense Fund? White male.Friends of the Earth? White male. National Audubon Society? White male. Nature Conservancy? White male. The very top of 'Big Green' is as white and male as a Tea Party meet-up. It doesn’t look like change. It doesn’t even look like America. So is it any wonder environmental groups are having trouble connecting with the public on climate change?"

There are a lot of women in the Tea Party leadership, by the way, Ms. Goldenberg. If you want to know the truth, a lot of women are in the Tea Party movement.  


Study: Women Who Never Sunbathe Twice as Likely to Die

RUSH: And one other story devoted exclusively to women. "Women who never sunbathe during the summer are twice as likely to die than those who sunbathe everyday, a major study has shown. Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden claim guidelines which advise people to stay out of the sun unless wearing sunscreen may be harming the population."

Avoiding sunshine could kill you. Women who never sunbathe during the summer are twice as likely to die than those who sunbathe every day.

"The new research, which followed nearly 30,000 women over 20 years, suggests that women who stay out of the sun are at increased risk of skin melanomas and are twice as likely to die from any cause, including cancer." All from staying out of the sun. And the key there is vitamin D. They are not getting any.

This is sort of like the saturated fat story that I just loved the other day where medical science has found, after decades and decades, that they were dead wrong. That eating steak and butter and eggs and cheese does not cause hardening of the arteries, it does not cause high cholesterol, and it doesn't cause heart disease. They can't prove it. After decades of research, they're disappointed they can't.

But for who knows how many years we have been told, "Don't go in the sun! Oh, my God, the sun is a killer. You better get number 55 sunscreen out there or you're gonna die." How many people have been doing this? And now those people are saying, "Guess what? We were wrong." Just classic, folks. The sun. Nothing we can do about it. It's there. And just like what we exhale, that's gonna kill us. The sun, that's gonna kill us.

All these leftists are just totally consumed with death. When I look at the environmentalist wacko movement, that shakedown racket, I don't think white male; I think blackmail, as in m-a-i-l. But this babe is so obsessed that the environmentalist wacko movement is now sexist. You have to just love it, turning their own liberalism on themselves.


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