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Gallup Finds Big Enthusiasm Gap

RUSH: Get this, folks, the latest just in from the Gallup poll.  "Voter Enthusiasm is Way Down From 2010."  Did you know that?  Oh, yeah! The percentage of people all fired up to vote has plummeted.  It's nowhere near what it was in 2010.  I've been waiting for this, too.  "A majority of US registered voters, 53%, say they are less enthusiastic about voting than in previous elections, while 35% are more enthusiastic.

"This 18-percentage-point enthusiasm deficit is larger than what Gallup has measured in prior midterm election years, particularly in 2010 when there was record midterm enthusiasm." So for all of you who have been thinking that this November was going to be a replay of 2010 and maybe bigger, and for those of you who thought that this was going to be a major wave election?


The voters don't care. 

There isn't anywhere near the same amount of enthusiasm.  I think my gut tells me that if you're talking about Democrats alone, that may be true.  But Gallup doesn't say that.  They say it spans both parties, spans all Republicans, Democrats, moderates, RINOs, conservatives, independents, don't-knows. For all of them, there's less enthusiasm. 

The Republicans are a little bit more enthusiastic than Democrats, but even the Republican side is down when compared to 2010.  This, of course, is great news for the Regime.  This is great, uplifting news!  This is the kind of news that can really lift the hearts of depressed leftists who are out there thinking that they're facing a landslide wave election this November. 

"Well, it's not so bad!  Nobody cares about voting." What they'll tell themselves is that they've succeeded in depressing everybody, and it doesn't even matter who wins anymore.  It doesn't matter so there's no reason to go vote.  The die is cast.  That is, I think, probably one of the reasons the poll is taken and one of the reasons it's reported. 

Is Climate Change Making Earth Expand?

RUSH: There's a news story out, ladies and gentlemen. Melting ice is now causing global warming and something brand-new that nobody expected.  The earth is expanding because of this!  Global warming is causing the earth to expand, and that supposedly -- while impossible -- is very, very bad. It's very dangerous.  The earth is getting bigger!  

Obama's White House Solar Panels Won't Even Light Up a Room

RUSH: The White House, Obama, this is another one of these liberal things that really don't do anything.  Obama goes solar in the White House.  They installed enough solar panels to power 22 100-watt lightbulbs for 20 hours every day.  That's the extent of it.  That's not even gonna light up a room.  


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