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"Just based on what I'm seeing, hearing, reading, I actually think that the Millennial generation possibly is the most indoctrinated generation in our country's history. They are the most propagandized by the left, from the time they were born, to pre-K, all the way through elementary school, high school, and college."

"We all want to have a legacy. We all want our lives to be meaningful. We all want to leave some vestige of our time on earth that's positive as an example for others."

"A story about the Antarctic and a piece of ice breaking off can scare people to death and think the world is over? Man, to me that is a testament to how effective all of this propaganda has been."

"The application of critical thinking would expose global warming as a hoax. The application of critical thinking would lead people to question the science of this and to realize that all these claims are just balderdash."

"We've got more people living a Spartan existence in the world's greatest and most powerful economy than outside the Great Depression and this is said to be, by some in the Regime, the new normal. This is what you'd better get used to."

"Karl Rove speculated that Mrs. Clinton might have suffered some sort of brain injury back in December of 2012, which is progress. Generally Karl thinks it's the Tea Party that's crazy. Now he's thinking maybe Mrs. Clinton is crazy."

"This is the first generation I've known that has lost faith in the country. They're openly saying that not only have they lost faith in the country, they've lost faith in themselves because they haven't succeeded like their parents or grandparents. It's problem. And it's being exploited for political power by the Democrat Party."

"I am Mr. Mainstream. The rest of everybody else has gone kooky extreme, either on the left or right."

"I am not the only one who thinks that hashtags are meaningless when it comes to genuinely dealing with a problem or solving it. George Will even said this, but he's not villain looking or acting, so they ignore his opinion."

"They're applauding Charles Barkley for not succumbing to the politically correct pressures out there and apologizing for essentially calling the women of San Antonio fat pigs. You can't keep up with these people! Who's exempt and who isn't? Who gets a pass and who doesn't. Who is it that's determining all of this anyway? Who is it that's determining who gets the pass and who gets forced out?"

"The SaveOurGirls hashtag. I have become the villain in this story. I am more responsible for whatever's happened here than Boko Haram is. They are the kidnappers. They are the mean people. They are the bad people. They are the ones who kidnapped about 300 girls and converted 150 of them -- maybe all of them -- to Islam, and I have become the villain because I just refuse to join the media groupthink on this."


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