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Chamber of Commerce Head to GOP: Pass Amnesty or Don't Bother  in 2016

RUSH: "Chamber of Commerce head to GOP: If you don’t pass amnesty this year, don’t bother running a candidate in 2016."  Well, they're speculating that he might be joking, but he was very pointed.  This is not out of character, not out of the ordinary, the Chamber of Commerce head has been saying things like this for the longest time.  And Boehner said we're gonna get to this, the House is gonna move on it starting in August sometime.  

The Sultan of Brunei is One of Hillary’s Biggest Donors

RUSH: Did you know that one of her biggest contributors over the years has been none other than -- dadelut dadelut dadelut! -- the sultan of Brunei? 

I'm not kidding.  I wouldn't make it up.  You don't have to make it up with these people.  Of course she's not gonna give a... She's gonna hope nobody talks about it! "[S]he hasn’t had anything to say about the Sultan of Brunei’s plans to stone gay men to death. And that’s not too surprising. ... Bill Clinton and Chelsea visited Brunei last year."

They have accepted money from the sultan.  The Clinton Foundation, the library and massage parlor and what have you. The Clintons have taken money from them.  "The Beverly Hills hotel being boycotted by Hollywood over its ownership by the Sultan of Brunei hired a Clinton aide as a crisis manager. The Clinton Foundation..." Get this now.

"The Clinton Foundation which has played a key role in helping position Hillary for her 2016 race, received between $1 and $5 million from Brunei," which means from the Sultan or his idiotic brother Jefri.  It's one of the two.  Now, is anybody in Hollywood demanding Hillary give the money back? Is anybody in Hollywood demanding Hillary explain herself?

"Why did you take that money? They have Sharia law in Brunei! They're stoning to death gay people and people that commit adultery. Your husband would be dead in Brunei if found out, and he went over there and visited anyway." It's massive left-wing hypocrisy on the march, but not a word about it.  Just a little interest tidbit I wanted to toss in.  

Warren Buffett Has Donated $1.2 Billion to Pro-Abortion Causes

RUSH: Have you seen the news? Warren Buffett over the years, it's just been learned, has donated -- let me get this number right -- $1.2 billion to the pro-choice movement.  Warren Buffett, $1.2 billion.  Depending on the month, he's the first or second richest man in America who is never asked, never blamed, never lumped in with the evil rich, never called any names. 

Why?  Because he does two things.  He's constantly calling for tax increases on the rich, thereby inoculating himself, and now we learn that he's given $1.2 billion over the years to people like Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice organizations.  I'm telling you, that's one of the best ways to inoculate yourself.  If you want to buy an insurance policy against ever being ripped in the media, do that, $1.2 billion to the abortion industry.  

Casey Kasem Missing

RUSH: Did you see that they can't find Casey Kasem?  Casey Kasem, America's Top 40.  He's missing.  We need a hashtag, #BringBackOurCasey.  There probably already is one.  But, I mean, it's working for the kidnapped girls.  Apparently Casey doesn't know where he is.  I mean, he has advanced Parkinson's or something and his wife spirited him away and his kids can't find him. The courts have said, "No, you've gotta produce him," and the wife says to hell with it.  They think he's -- honest to God -- they think he's being held on some Indian reservation in Idaho or Nevada or something.  But they can't find him.  

Rams Coach Says He Won’t Hesitate to Cut Michael Sam

RUSH: Jeff Fisher, the coach of the St. Louis Rams, says that he will not hesitate to release Michael Sam if he doesn't earn a roster spot.  He's gonna be treated like any other player, at least when it comes to on-the-field production.  That means -- (interruption) What, you don't believe this?  I don't believe you.  That means he'll be cut if he doesn't earn a roster spot. 

Coach Jeff Fisher says, "[W]e picked him within the process and we’re going to reduce this roster within the process. So I don’t see that being an issue." (interruption)  Well, now, wait a minute, what do you mean, boycott it if they release him?  They can't.  They drafted him.  Why are they gonna get mad at the one team that drafted him?  I'll just tell you this.  If they're setting this up or -- I mean, why even say this now? (interruption)   No, you just said they were never gonna cut him. 

If you're gonna say this now, if you're gonna say, "Hey, hey, hey, this guy, if he can't cut it, we're gonna cut him." They had better play him every down, every snap of all four preseason games and be able to produce the evidence, if they're gonna cut him.  If they do, they're gonna have to be able to have football reasons for it to avoid what you say would be the massive protests and so forth.  (interruption)  Yeah, transgenders in the military.  Yeah, I saw that. 

You're shocked?  You're surprised?  (Interruption)  No, no, I'm not surprised.  I'm not surprised where things are headed.  Not at all.  I'm done being surprised.  I'm just now chronicling the speed at which all this is happening.  That's what I'm doing.  But surprised, that's so 19th century.  This is the twenty-first century, like John Kerry says, Snerdley.  Nobody gets surprised at things like this in the twenty-first century.  You just accept it and you marvel at the speed with which it's all happening.  

Have You Ever Heard of Beta Parents?

RUSH: I've got this story here in the Huffing and Puffington Post. Do any of you in there know what a "beta parent" is?  (interruption)  This is a big deal.  We've got some Two If By Tea sweepstakes grand prize winners here just sitting in awe for the past 2-1/2 hours watching the program on the other side of the glass.  You ought to see them. They're sitting in stunned awe and amazement. 

They can't believe it, and they're just having the greatest time.  Have any of you heard of beta parents, as opposed to alpha?  Beta. Have you ever heard of beta parents?  (interruption)  Anybody in there, raise your hand if you've heard of beta parents.  Nobody?  (interruption)  You haven't, H.R.?  (interruption)  Friday? (interruption)  No.  Okay.  Well, beta parents are new parents who are not following the groupthink on raising kids today. 

Here's this story in the Huffing and Puffington Post.  I'll just start reading it verbatim.  It's written by a woman named Jen Nessel.

"'What comes after one?' asked the mother, pushing her 3-year-old on the swings. He was too busy laughing to answer, so she was forced to repeat, 'What comes after one?'  'Two,' he mumbled, looking off at the climbing structure.  'Good. What comes after two?'  'Three.'  'Now what comes after three?'  Silence.  'What comes after three?'  Grudgingly, 'Four.'  'Now what comes after four?'"

And Jen Nessel writes, "And here is where I fell in love with the boy. He glared at his mother and blurted, 'Orange!'  Can you blame him? Who wants to do math drills when there's swinging to do and monkey bars to climb and popsicles to eat and, oh, you know, childhood to have?  Kids aren't the only ones rebelling. Contrary to what you might read, there are parents out there who don't hire bilingual nannies or fall to pieces when their kids brush up against a non-organic toy.

"Let's call them Beta Parents. I am one of them. I let things slide. My kid eats floor food. Sometimes we go an entire week without going to a class. I have barely begun his application to MIT.  Who are my fellow Beta Parents?  Beta Parents don't spend $2,000 to prep their 4-year-old for tests.  Beta Parents don't try to engage their children every second of the day. Sometimes they leave them alone with a crayon, a piece of string and a cardboard box.  Beta Parents let their children eat processed cheese.

As I go through this, I want you to keep in mind that there are people reading this on the Huffing and Puffington Post who think this is blasphemy, who think this woman's irresponsible and that Child Services needs to be sent over and get her kids.  And all she's doing is raising kids the way they used to be.  Not micromanaging her kids, not preparing them for MIT at age three, bilingual nannies. Let 'em pick up food on the floor and eat it. Let 'em sit in a room for an hour just playing, doing whatever comes naturally rather than shaping and melding and bending and flaking and forming them into good little whatevers. 

"Beta Parents own televisions.  Beta Parents don't do their children's homework.  Sometimes Beta Parents miss bedtime and are inconsistent, because human beings are inconsistent.  Beta parents don't hide Vitamin A-rich pumpkin purée in the pancakes, nor do they make 'cupcakes' out of cantaloupe with 'frosting' made of beet-based food coloring and Greek yogurt.  Beta Parents don't have air purifiers, and if we do, we forget to change the filters.  Beta Parents don't read parenting books. ... Beta Parents don't subscribe to a particular philosophy of child-rearing.

"Beta Parents aren't even always Beta Parents. Once in a while we're Alpha Parents. Sometimes we're Omegas.  Beta Parents aren't lazy, selfish parents; we just don't think it's healthy for children to be the center of the universe at every moment or to feel pressure to succeed while digging in the sandbox.  Here's a radical thought: What if we all worried about making our children into good people, instead of successful people? And what if, instead of turning them into little bonsai projects, we let them grow a little wild?  Beta Parents, unite! Our kids have nothing to lose but their third homes in the Hamptons."

Folks, this is quite fascinating to me.  Because that one line, "What if we all worried about making our children into good people instead of successful people."  Is that what's really going on with the Alpha Parents?  Are they trying to mold their kids into being successful people with the two bilingual nannies and all that, or are they creating little mind-numbed robots for whatever reason. Anyway, it sounds to me like Beta parenting is the way kids used to be raised. (interruption)  Is that right?  I mean, not being a parent I can only assume that this -- I mean, I remember being raised, and this is the way I was raised.  I was not the center of the universe.  That didn't happen 'til I was, I don't know, 17.

Study: There's No Magic Ingredient in Red Wine

RUSH:  That magic ingredient in red wine that everybody told you makes it okay to eat fat, you don't have to worry about it, guess what?  It's called resveratrol and it doesn't have any magic effect.  Journal of American Medical Association.  So it's too bad, folks.  Sorry to disappoint you.  


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