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"We need a new hashtag, #BringBackOurBorders. You know, if I was on Twitter, I could be having some real fun with this."

"The Regime and leftists around the world believe that militant Islam is not militant because it is militant. It's been made militant by the United States and our policies in the Middle East, the Christian government of Nigerian, basically governments oppressing these poor people mired in poverty, and they are reacting with violent outbursts. That's the justification, the explanation for militant Islam, jihad, and groups like Al-Qaeda."

"Here's somebody openly indicting liberalism and the liberal path to decline. It's so easy to say. You just don't find Republicans willing to say it anymore. But Ben Sasse did, and he won."

"I don't think the hashtag has worked as intended, and you know why? Because all over the Drive-By Media are stories now that are written to defend Hillary, to defend John Kerry, to defend Obama, and to defend the government for not declaring Boko Haram a terrorist group."

"Boko Haram are not the bad guys; they never have been! Certainly in the eyes of Mrs. Clinton or John Kerry, Barack Obama, or official US government positions they are not the bad guy. The Christian government of Nigeria is."

"Politicians come and go. I'm not gonna tie myself to somebody I don't really know. My success is not defined by who wins or loses elections. I've always said it. Nothing's changed and I never want that to be the case."

"The Twitter hashtag has replaced the benefit concert. How many millions of people does a Twitter hashtag reach as opposed to a concert? You don't have to go out and get TV time, you don't have to arrange for the artists to show up at the concert, you don't have to produce it, you don't have to check egos at the door. Just do the hashtag."

"These Rush Revere books re-create actual events, and the reader is there. The history, it's not a recitation. It is a written re-creation of what actually happened with the reader right there in the middle of it."

"Ben Sasse won the Republican primary in Lincoln, Nebraska, yesterday. And you don't hear the media saying the Tea Party's dead today because he is full-fledged Tea Party."

"I have my ideological policy preferences, and when I become confident that somebody is worth getting behind, I do. But, boy, it takes a lot."


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