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Morning Update: The Help

So the New York Times’ first woman editor has been unceremoniously dumped from her perfect position, onto the cold New York City streets  because a man didn’t like how much face-time she was getting. Without his permission.

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Buffett's Pro-Abortion Contributions Enough to Abort the Entire City of Chicago... Scary Video Shows What Young People Have Been Taught About Hillary... They Found Casey Kasem... Creepy Obama: Move Liberal Voters to Midwest States...

IRS Smoking Gun: Washington Office Behind Tea Party Targeting

RUSH: Judicial Watch obtained some documents that illustrate active direction from the Washington office of the IRS in targeting Tea Party and other conservative nonprofit applicants during the 2010 and 2012 campaigns... There was nothing about this rogue agents in Cincinnati thing that was true. Lois Lerner is hip deep in this stuff.  This stuff was going on from the Washington office.

Why Wasn't George W. Bush at the 9/11 Museum Dedication?

RUSH: He simply will not insert himself into these affairs.  Even if achievements he thinks that he was responsible for are attacked and unraveled, he won't do it, because of his view of the office and the protocols and the traditions, and being well-mannered.  That's all part of it.  So that statement doesn't really surprise me.  It frustrates a lot of people, as it did our first caller, Marie from Queens.  

Blood Cancer Patient Says Thank You

RUSH:  Don't thank me.  Thank the audience.  This audience has come through with almost 35 or $40 million over the years. It's incredible.  It started somewhat small, but it keeps building and building every year.  But that's great.  Everybody appreciates that, but more than that we're happy that this is all working for you.  That's just tremendous.  I'm glad that you called.

Senate Dems Praise Hashtag at Hearing

RUSH:  Stop the tape!  Who could he possibly be talking about here, "which some pundits mocked"? Now, many pundits have, but only one pundit has been acknowledged as having mocked it, and I didn't "mock" the hashtag for people that are powerless.  What I thought was pathetic is that the hashtag was being used by officials in the Regime.


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