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Buffett's Pro-Abortion Contributions Enough to Abort the Entire City of Chicago

RUSH: "Warren Buffett's $1.2 Billion Lifetime Donations to the Pro-Choice Movement." Some people have run the numbers.  They found out that's enough to abort the entire city of Chicago.  That's how many abortions Warren Buffett has paid for with his donations, enough to abort the entire city of Chicago.  

Scary Video Shows What Young People Have Been Taught About Hillary

RUSH:  So I was reading a blog last night, HotAir.  There was a post by "AllahPundit," and it is about a video at PJTV -- PJ Media's PJTV -- that I think is posted by someone named Michelle Fields.  She went out and she asked a bunch of people, young people and otherwise, about Mrs. Clinton, about how enthusiastic they were about her. And it's scary.

It's kind of funny, but it's scary because these people readily acknowledge that they don't know anything about her! They can't name one achievement.  They can't. When asked to name anything she did as secretary of state, they draw a blank.  Yet they are enthusiastic about her becoming president.  And do you know why?  Because she would be the first woman! 

I saw this, and I remembered all the times I have cautioned you to be on the lookout.  One of the reasons why Mrs. Clinton is back in the mix is because of gender. And if it isn't Mrs. Clinton, the Democrats are gonna go for an Hispanic, because they see what they have pulled off here with Obama. The first African-American president! He's beyond criticism.

You can't criticize anything. You can't chronicle his failures, you can't do anything, because you're being racist.  The Democrats have learned this. They probably knew it and didn't have to learn it.  So if you get Hillary in there, the first female president, any criticism of her will be sexist -- and if it's a Hispanic, the first Hispanic president, any criticism will be racist again! And whatever else. 

If they elect the first gay president, any criticism will be homophobic.  And this video... Let's see.  It is...  Well, there's a kid that's writing his thesis about Hillary in this video, and Benghazi... This guy thinks Benghazi's one of her big achievements. One guy was able to answer her question about achievements.  The point is these are young people, and the fact that she would be the first female president is all that matters. 

The fact that she's not qualified, the fact that they can't name a single achievement doesn't matter to them.  And again, where are they getting this?  This has to be part of what they are learning in formal education, this kind of thing. Identity politics is such a major aspect of the liberal, leftist Democrat agenda.  It is the most important thing.  These are the people that claim to be colorblind -- and they are the most racist. 

They're the most sexist. 

These are the people that only see the surface of people, and then they claim to know everything about somebody just from the color of their skin or from their sexual orientation or from their national origin or what have you.  It's just stunning.  And of course this kind of thing is being taught... maybe not even subtly. It's just maybe even right between the eyes taught.

"This country needs to elect a female president because we're illegitimate and immoral and we've been sexist and we have been racist and we discriminate against minorities, and so electing the first African-American? Oh, it says great things about us! Oh, we're such good people! Oh, and electing the first female? Oh, we're even better! Look at our achievements. Look how we're advancing as a culture!"

This is the kind of stuff that's being taught.

So you boil it down, here, and the only and greatest achievement Hillary Clinton has is her gender, being female.  Now, this is not everybody, obviously.  It's primarily young people.  But it dovetails with that. It's predictable.  Everything about what these people are gonna do is predictable.  If you look at someone and you only see their race, that's what makes you racist.  If you look at somebody and only see their gender, that makes you sexist. And that's who these liberals are. 

They are the prime perps, in my humble opinion.  

They Found Casey Kasem

RUSH:  They found Casey Kasem.  They found him.  He was visiting in Washington State with his wife.  So now that they found Casey Kasem, they gotta go back to the Malaysian airliner on CNN.  

Creepy Obama: Move Liberal Voters to Midwest States

RUSH: You know, President Obama was in New York yesterday.  It was a potential traffic problem, but fortunately his whereabouts did not coincide with where we had to go, so we did not encounter any unusual traffic.  But I didn't know until just now -- and I mentioned earlier -- about this Miami Dolphins player being sent to reeducation camp. That creeps me out. It's creepy stuff. 

They're even calling it that, sensitivity training, reeducation, whatever. It's simply 'cause he tweeted his disapproval or his dislike with the PDA of Michael Sam and his boyfriend after the draft.  The story here is from PJ Tatler.  Apparently Obama is fundraising in New York.  He appeared with a group of donors in New York last night, and he made a joke that he should export some East Coast voters to the Midwest to increase Democrats' power in Washington. 

He said, "We got more votes here than we need.  We don't need all the votes we get here in New York to win. We don't need all these votes.  Wouldn't it be great if we could move some of these excess votes in New York City to the Midwest?  We would be doing okay." Now, forget the creepy reeducation schools.  It's perfectly reasonable... Well, "reasonable" within confines, within context. 

I mean, with Obamacare, will they maybe tell doctors to move? Under Hillarycare they were gonna tell you where you had to practice.  If they paid for your education, if you got any sort of assistance for your education, they were going to appoint you. (interruption) In exchange for a specialty?  No, it was even worse than that.  Under Hillarycare, if you wanted to go into a specialty, they were gonna be able to say, "Okay, but you have to go to Buffalo."

You'd have to go to go wherever they wanted to send you, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, whatever.  And if you wanted to do a specialty, they wanted specify one. If you wanted to do GP, they didn't want what.  Hillarycare wanted specialists.  If you wanted to be a GP and you were getting any kind of federal assistance, they were gonna assign you. 

What's creepy about this is I can totally see them trying to figure out how to do this.  They'll tell people where they have to live.  Why stop at what they're doing?  Obama said, "The country is, by most measures, is doing much better than when I came into office, and that's demonstrable.  If you look at the numbers, you'd say not only are we moving in the right direction. But we've actually got better cards than most countries in the world." 

"He said lingering 'anxiety' among Americans can be 'partly' attributed to the Bush administration: 'because people still feel traumatized by what happened in 2007-2008.'" They are.  He is still blaming Bush, and I saw a poll the other day that a majority of Americans still do, too, for the economy.  It was disheartening.  I have to admit it. 

It was really dispiriting to see that even now, six years after Bush is gone. It was right around 50% still blame Bush, and Obama clearly is.  But this is delusional. "The country is, by most measures, doing much better than when I came"? That's delusional.  But he says it, it gets repeated all over low-information media, and they just sop it up.  And whether their real lives portray it or not, they'll end up believing it.  


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