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Police Chief Calls Obama N-word, Refuses to Apologize... 911 Calls on Subway Pizza and Pot.... Another Massive Government Motors Recall... Bank Drops Benham Brothers...

Left Stunned by Author of the Year Award

RUSH: Something as harmless as an award for writing a children's book is such a threat to these people.  It is a real threat.  They're really irritated.  They're really bothered by it.  And they really think it's illegitimate...  AP has this long story today where they got hold of Robin Adelson, the Children's Book Council, and they just demand for her to admit that the vote was fraudulent...  The one network that I've banned here and don't mention anymore devoted almost their whole day yesterday to the concept that voter fraud was involved.

General Shinseki: Democrat Hack

RUSH: We've got veterans dying because they're not getting adequate medical care.  Do you remember this name Shinseki, this guy that's running the VA? Eric Shinseki, do you remember why he's famous?  Do you remember why he's even at the VA?  Shinseki was one of the first uniformed military people to trash Bush and the Iraq war for the Democrats back in the second term of George W. Bush.  And I'll never forget, John Kerry, who, you may not know, served in Vietnam, was running around quoting Eric Shinseki day in and day out. 

Wackos Photoshop Flood Pictures to Spread Global Warming Panic

RUSH: I want you to see these.  They've had a professional photojournalist create some fake pictures of the Jefferson Memorial half underwater, San Diego half underwater, New York half underwater, and they look real.  They look like there was a giant flood that happened yesterday.  And I'm gonna predict to you these pictures are gonna get wide distribution in all the usual low-information places and you're gonna have some people think that this is actually a picture of what has happened in some places.

Undeniable Truth of Life #24 Affirmed

RUSH: It is a piece that ran a couple days ago at Salon.com.  And the headline is:  "Feminism’s Obsession with Celebrity: It’s time to stop making our pop stars into political icons."  And if you read this, if you read far enough into it, you will find that it is an extension of my Undeniable Truth of Life Number 24, that women still find themselves living under the burden of unattractiveness.


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