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Police Chief Calls Obama N-word, Refuses to Apologize

RUSH: "The small town of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, is in an uproar over remarks made by Robert Copeland, a member of its three-person elected Police Commission."  Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  Man's name is Robert Copeland.  He was in a restaurant watching television, and the president of the United States came on, and Robert Copeland, a member of the three-person police commission, started shouting a racial epithet. 

The Concord Monitor says that he's standing by his.  He shouted the N-word.  The Concord Monitor reports that he wrote a letter responding to a resident who had complained to the commission about what he had said.  Robert Copeland wrote, "While I believe the problems associated with minorities in this country are momentous, I am not phobic. My use of derogatory slang in reference to those among them undeserving of respect is no secret. It is the exercise of my 1st Amendment rights.  I believe I did use the 'N' word in reference to the current occupant of the Whitehouse (sic). For this I do not apologize -- he meets and exceeds my criteria for such."

So this guy is overheard, he's seen in a restaurant, Obama's on TV, shouting the N-word at it. People complain to the police commission and he said, "Yeah, I said it, and I'm not backing down."  He's doing a Chuck Barkley.  Chuck Barkley is not apologizing to the fat women of San Antonio.  This guy's not apologizing for what he said about Obama.  

911 Calls on Subway Pizza and Pot

RUSH: More news on the 911 call front.  Remember where this all started?  Port St. Lucie, Florida.  A woman goes into a Mickey D's, wants some Chicken McNuggets.  They don't have any.  They're out.  She is livid.  She walks out, she calls 911, demands to speak to the White House because there aren't any McNuggets at the McDonald's in Port St. Lucie. 

Well, this has apparently been going on in a lot of places unbeknownst to a lot of people.  Here are two more examples.  This is Gaston, Louisiana, the Gaston Gazette.  "A Gastonia woman, upset about the way Subway employees made her flatbread pizza, called 911 Thursday night to report that the restaurant wouldn’t refund the money she paid for a 'flatizza.'

"Bevalente Michette Hall, 37, of Hope Marian Street, was charged with misuse of the 911 system.  According to police, the woman called 911 to say her pizza wasn’t made correctly. In the 911 call, Hall says the staff at the Cox Road Subway put marinara sauce on her pizza. She said she wanted pizza sauce instead. 'It’s terrible, and I got my receipt,' she said. 'And I told them I can’t eat that kind of sauce.'  In the call, Hall says she wants to make a report so she can call investigators with WSOC-TV’s Action 9."

Now, what does that tell you?  She wants local news to investigate the fact that the Subway people put marinara sauce on her pizza instead of pizza sauce.  Local investigation, call 911.  Can you blame her?  What is local news anymore but people calling 911 for whatever emergency out there. Every local Eyewitness News station every night televises the latest investigation.  Channel 5 Eyewitness News investigators, blah, blah, whatever it is.  And if it bleeds it leads. 

So you call 911.

From the ABC Portland, Oregon, affiliate KATU Eyewitness News: "Man Calls 911: Where Can I Buy Some Marijuana? -- Man appeared serious and surprised that he had called 911 earlier this month and asked a Washington County dispatcher where he could buy some pot."  I actually should have done the pot story first, then the pizza.  That probably would have made more -- oh, doesn't matter because only 4% of American people think they're below-average intelligence anyway, so it really wouldn't matter.

Another Massive Government Motors Recall

RUSH: General Motors has announced five more recalls now covering 2.7 million vehicles.  I can't keep up with the number of recalls that General Motors has had to issue.  And I do not enjoy passing this information along.  I hate this. 

"After recalling more than 7 million vehicles during the first three months of the year, it seems that GM's safety woes are far from over. The automaker today announced five separate new service actions covering another 2.7 million passenger cars and light trucks.

The latest batch of recalls includes 140,000 Chevrolet Malibus, but also includes a wide range of recent and older models, from the 2005 Pontiac G6 to the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV. Problems range from faulty taillights to tie-rod defects that could cause a loss of control and a possible crash."

The CEO, Mary Barra, said -- I'm paraphrasing.  I just saw the quote but it's no longer in front of me.  "We're gonna take this occasion and turn this into an opportunity and we're gonna become the industry leader in safety."  Here's a quote from Jeff Boyer, the recently appointed global vehicle safety czar, General Motors.  "We have redoubled our efforts to expedite and resolve current (safety) reviews in process and also have identified and analyzed recent vehicle issues which require action.  These are examples of our focus to surface issues quickly and promptly take necessary actions in the best interest of our customers."

So now they're gonna really double down on safety.  Now, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that GM also stands for Government Motors.  It's a technicality, but the United Auto Workers and Obama basically are one of the number one shareholders here, is it still the case?  

Bank Drops Benham Brothers

RUSH: You know those two guys that had that show on the LGTV, whatever it was, these two guys that are anti-abortion, pro-choice -- their bank just dropped 'em.  Sun Trust.  Just saw the story, their bank just dropped 'em because of their comments on I guess gay marriage and abortion.  Their TV network canceled their show, and their bank just said they don't want do business with them anymore.  Holy smokes.  For being anti-abortion and I guess anti- it's the anti-gay marriage that did it.  But I guess the activists found out their bank and were pressuring the bank, I guess.  I don't know.  


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