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Jill Abramson is Keeping Her NYT Tattoo

RUSH: War on Women, except it's all libs doing it, but they still can't let it go because they're such narcissists. Everything is about them. 

Jill Abramson went out and made a commencement speech yesterday somewhere, some university -- (interruption)  Oh, it was this morning?  Wake Forest.  Yeah, she talked about how she's not gonna remove her tattoo on her back.  She has the Times logo tattooed on her back, the T, and she said in her commencement address that she's not going to have it removed.  Yes, you heard right.  We have more details on that.  I think we even got some sound bites of it.  We'll get to it at some point.  

Obamacare Subsidies Not Right For Over 1M Americans

RUSH: Washington Post.  Headline:  "Federal Health-Care Subsidies May Be Too High Or Too Low For More Than 1 Million Americans -- The government may be paying incorrect subsidies to more than 1 million Americans for their health plans in the new federal insurance marketplace and has been unable so far to fix the errors, according to internal documents and three people familiar with the situation."

Wait 'til Obama finds out about this one.  Wait 'til Obama finds out that a lot of people are being subsidized much more than they are owed according to the plan.  Wait'll they find out.  Wait'll they have to go tell him that only three people knew about this.  Obama didn't know that people were being subsidized unfairly, getting more than they should. 

It says here in the Washington Post: "The government has identified these discrepancies but is stuck at the moment. Under federal rules, consumers are notified if there is a problem with their application and asked to upload or mail in pay stubs or other proof of their income. Only a fraction have done so, according to the documents. And, even when they have, the federal computer system at the heart of the insurance marketplace cannot match this proof with the application because that capability has yet to be built."

This is incredible!  We're over-subsidizing over a million people, and even when people send in proof it can't be matched up.  And they had three years to build this website, and once again, a blatant demonstration of the rampant, total incompetence of this administration to run anything.  But they're trying, and they really want people to get subsidized right. They want people to have health care. They really care. At least they're trying.  And that's how they get through all this.  


RUSH:  Now, the Regime is eventually gonna get this money back, people that it's overpaying right now in these subsidies. (interruption)  Well, wasn't it just in the last two weeks we learned that people whose relatives (grandparents, for example) got more Social Security benefits than they should, the government just took some money away from 'em? The IRS did it.  I think they either took it out of the refund or something, for an overpayment 30 years ago. 

They arbitrarily came and said, "Yeah, we overpaid your great-grandmother 30 years ago, and we're just taking it out of your refund."

"Well, wait a minute! I didn't screw up."

"Yeah, but your grandmother did. It's the same family, so we're taking it from you." 

So they'll eventually get around to it. 

The big thing is when Obama finds out!


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