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Regime Spins the VA Scandal with Familiar Falsehoods: Obama Just Found Out, Is Really Mad, Had Good Intentions, and Has Fired Somebody for It


RUSH: One clarification on this Financial Times article.  They said that the top VA honcho, Dr. Petzel, was forced out.  He wasn't forced out.  The top head honcho there was not forced out of the VA by the brave and courageous Eric Shinseki.  Petzel was already planning to retire this year, and his replacement had already been named.  So that is a bunch of smoke and mirrors, too.  They made it look like they're really getting tough. That's right, Obama was so mad about what happened at the VA. He was so mad nobody told him.  And when he found out about it he demanded that heads roll.  So Shinseki got the message and went over there and told the top guy, "You're gone!" and that was the story. 

Except the top guy had already resigned.  He was planning to require at the end of the year. They already had named his replacement before Shinseki reported to the media that some head was rolling.  Ironically, it is a variation of what we talked about last week with Shinseki.  We had John Kerry, who you may not know, John Kerry served in Vietnam.  John Kerry and other leftists in 2003 and 2004 said that Bush had forced Shinseki out as the chief of staff of the Army because Shinseki had publicly said that Bush's policy had no chance.  Shinseki said we need hundreds of thousands, multiple hundreds of thousands of troops to pull this off, this invasion of Iraq.  And the max number we had at one time is 170,000. 

So Shinseki became their go-to guy. Shinseki became their hero.  He was the martyr. He was the guy speaking truth to power. He was the guy that stood up and said Bush was lying and all that.  So they embraced Shinseki.  Shinseki announced he was leaving in 2002.  But they made it look like that mean Bush had fired somebody who spoke up courageously and bravely against the administration, just like they're trying to say that Dr. Petzel was forced out of the VA.  He wasn't.  He had already announced his retirement and his replacement had already been named.  But you have to come up with a scapegoat if you're gonna spread this business that, "Boy, Obama, boy was he mad, oh."

Remember when Van Jones was finally summarily dispatched 'cause they found he was a communist.  Remember, gosh, how did Obama hire this guy?  How did he get past Obama?  Who lied?  How did Obama not know?  Obama knew.  That's the point.  The reason why Van Jones is in there is 'cause exactly who he was. Obama wanted him in there, but the country's not ready for admitted, avowed communists to take over the country yet.  Well, I don't think even now. I think even more so now, but nevertheless, having a scapegoat, coming up with a phony scapegoat who's already out the door anyway is another typical Obama stunt. 

So, in truth, when it comes to the VA, Obama hasn't done anything. Not one head has rolled. Not one person's been punished here, folks.  Forty veterans died in what is, to many people, the modern embodiment of the death panel. You had 40 veterans on a special waiting list and the government workers that pared that list down got a bonus for making the list shorter.  How'd the list get shorter?  Fewer people on it.  How'd that happen?  They died. 

The point is that no heads have rolled.  Obama didn't fire anybody.  The guy was already out the door.  But it's a stunt, and it's the same stunt they're gonna do with the IRS people.  Same thing.  They're gonna make it look like they're letting a lot of people go, but they're probably already announced as vanished.  "On May 1, the White House announced President Barack Obama planned to nominate Jeffrey A. Murawsky for the position," to head the VA, on May 1st.  They just don't think we could go back and find this. 

See, you're supposed to conclude, wow, is this Obama guy a man of action. When he finds out this kind of stuff is going on, he doesn't waste any time. He just lops the guy's head off and sends him packing.  It proves he's mad.  It proves he was upset.  It proves he didn't know what was going on.  And it proves that people are gonna be held accountable in the Regime.  Except it's all a lie.  May 1st.  The White House announced that Obama planned to nominate Jeffrey Murawsky.  The way it'll be happening now, wait'll Obama finds out the White House announced this back in May without telling him.  (laughing) 

Wait 'til Obama finds out!  Wait'll Obama finds out who it was that named this guy's replacement back in May without telling Obama.  You talk about going rogue.  Well, that's another head that's gonna have to roll.  How in the world could they announce a replacement for somebody and not tell Obama.  (interruption)  What, it sounds ridiculous?  Well, doesn't the rest of this sound ridiculous?  "Boy, you wouldn't believe how mad Obama is.  Oh.  Oh.  You didn't want to be there when Obama found out those 40 guys, ho-ho-ho, oh, you didn't want to be the one had to tell him.  Oh, gee, you don't want to go there."  Standard operating procedure. 

From the Dayton Daily News yesterday: "'Delay in treatment' a factor in more than 100 deaths at VA centers," not 40.  (interruption)  What?  I know.  First it's 40, and now the Dayton, Ohio, Daily News reported yesterday that the delay in treatment a factor in more than 100 deaths at VA centers.  From the article: "As controversy swirls around the Veterans Administration over deaths caused by delayed care, an investigation by the Dayton Daily News found that the VA settled many cases that appear to be related to delays in treatment. A database of paid claims by the VA since 2001 includes 167 in which the words 'delay in treatment' is used in the description."

Now, why the delay?  They had to know that the treatment was being delayed.  This is the death panel.  This is what our previous caller thinks is evidence of the death panel in action, and the VA is single payer.  It's a microcosm of where we're all headed should Obamacare be fully implemented, and about that there can be no disagreement.  It was 40.  Now it's a hundred, over a hundred deaths. 

Well, you can imagine how bad it was when they had to tell Obama about 40.  And now they're probably gonna draw straws to see who has to go in and tell him that it's now a hundred.  Would you want that job?  And then, when he learns that it isn't 40, it's over a hundred, can you imagine how outraged he's gonna be?  Oh-ho-ho.  He might actually scream at somebody.  He might even call Pinch and say, "Look, I gotta do to some people what you did to Jill.  What do I do?" 


RUSH: I want you to hear a sound bite.  We just talked about this earlier.  This is exactly what happens.  This guy, Robert Petzel, reported last week that Shinseki had had enough of this VA scandal. He's gonna roll ahead, and he's gonna get rid of the guy who's responsible for all this! So he announced that Petzel is being sent packing, and Jay Carney repeated it at the White House this afternoon.

CARNEY:  Uh, on the issue of Dr. Petzel, uh, I would hope that you had noted that the top official in charge of the veterans health system was requested to resign, uh, by the American Legion, and he did so, uh, one day after his Senate testimony.  Uh, the American Legion, uh, said that the group looks at Petzel's resignation as a, quote, "step towards addressing the leadership problem at the VA."

RUSH:  Right.

CARNEY:  Um, so I think that undercuts the assertion that that is not a meaningful development.

RUSH:  Here's the problem, folks. As we told you earlier in the busy broadcast today, Robert Petzel, Dr. Petzel had announced he was leaving the VA a long time ago, maybe a year ago.  I forget the exact time, but long before any of this came to light.  It was in May of last year that Obama announced his replacement.  So it was at least May of last year when it was known that Petzel was leaving.

Yet here is Jay Carney going out to the press this afternoon and making it sound like, "Boy, Obama was really mad! And when we found out about the lackadaisical, irresponsible attitude, we took immediate action, and this guy is leaving, and the American Legion is happy that he's gone!"  Except Obama named his replacement last May.  Petzel announced his retirement back in September.  He announced his retirement last September. 

He's not being fired because of this. 

He was already leaving.  


RUSH:  May 1st of this year Obama announced the retirement of Mr. Petzel, Dr. Petzel.  



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