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Guest Host Mark Steyn

"What did Rush call me? Oh, yes! 'The guest slave will be here.' I'm from the foreign student-exchange wing of the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. It's a great program. I love it. Guys like me get to come here, and in return Hillary Clinton gets sold as a child bride to Boko Haram. So it works out for everybody!" -Mark Steyn


"This is the wife of an American citizen. She is chained to a wall in Khartoum, and John Kerry is wasting everybody's time giving speeches on global warming." -Mark Steyn

"This poor fellow chained to his cot, shackled to his cot in Tijuana at the moment, is Marine Corps Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. He's a veteran who has served several tours in Afghanistan. He was driving down around the southern border, and accidentally crossed over into Mexico where he was seized and he's been in detention ever since. He had legally registered guns in his truck, so that's why the Mexicans have held him." 

"Where is the strong arm of today's superpower saying that if you are a US citizen or the wife of a US citizen no country, no third-rate regime can do this kind of stuff to you?" -Mark Steyn

"The hashtag has replaced the concert. The hashtag has replaced the ribbon that you wear on your shirt or your suit jacket.  The hashtag, pretty soon, will replace the US military.  The hashtag is magic!" -Rush

Veterans' Health Care Ghetto

"The illegal immigrants at the hospital where historian Victor Davis Hanson is laid up are getting first-class treatment, while our veterans go to the ghetto of health care -- which may often be a hospital hours away in a neighboring state -- and are sent home to die, and the numbers are fudged. Why don't we just simply put the veterans in the same health care system that these illegal immigrants are enjoying with Victor Davis Hanson in California's Central Valley? It's not difficult. There should not be a health care ghetto for veterans." -Mark Steyn

RushLimbaugh.com: Obama VA Scandal: Racehorse California Chrome Gets Faster Health Care Ruling Than Our Veterans Left to Die

"If you want to treat this VA thing seriously, this is exactly where we're all headed. This is what Obamacare's gonna be for everybody. The VA is just one small bureaucracy." -Rush

John Kerry to Future Grads: Take On Climate Change!

"They say colleges have to be what they call 'a safe-space.' Well, look at this as your unsafe space. We're not like these pansified American campuses where you can't say this and you can't say that." -Mark Steyn

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