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"Obama's reaction to the VA scandal is classic Limbaugh Theorem. He didn't know about it, but now that he's found out about it, he's gonna fight these horrible, terrible forces that are undermining the VA. He's doing everything he can. He's just as mad as you are. He had no idea things were this bad."

"The one common denominator in all of the things Obama is so mad about is Obama himself. If you stop and think about it."

"Obama had a meeting with Shinseki, and Shinseki told him what was going on at the VA, and Obama was livid. He was so mad. Did you see that? I would not have wanted to be Shinseki. 'Cause Obama didn't know anything about this until today, and he still doesn't believe it."

"I don't care what Obama says. I don't care what his supporting media says. There were no secret hospital waiting lists for veterans and there were no attempts to cover up the number of people being treated by the VA under George W. Bush."

"New York Times headline: 'VA Accusations Aggravate the Woes of the White House.' No panic there yet. But this scandal is substantive, they think, at the New York Times, unlike Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, and all that. This, for some reason, has the White House, the Regime, and the media really, really, really worried."

"If Obama would just listen to this program for one hour a day, he would know everything going on in his administration. He would never, ever be blindsided again like he is by this VA scandal. Of course he wasn't blindsided. He knew."

"I want to thank Mark Steyn for sitting in yesterday. Every other year the Boys and Girls Clubs of America work with friends of mine in putting on a charity golf tournament at the site of the US Open. They charge a significant amount of money to play in this, and that's how they raise the money, and a total of 88 people pony up the loot."

"There were no attempts to cover up the number of people being treated by the VA under George W. Bush. These hidden waiting lists are due to Obama's window dressing of a two-week waiting list mandate. That's all that's happening here, but it didn't happen under Bush."

"Giant bureaucracies are incompetent. They're not filled with qualified people. They're not filled with experienced people. They're not populated by accomplished people."

"We're not supposed to examine the results of their efforts, which are always dismal and always fail. We're supposed to examine their good intentions."

"The economy and its dismal status is the result of policy decisions that Obama has made and put into place. It's not the quirk of fate. It's not that America's best days are over. It's not that America's past was a fad or a quirk. It's not that the great economic days of the eighties were illegitimate or unreal. It's not that this is the new normal. It's not that all of the greatness in the past was undeserved. It is precisely because of Obama policies implemented since 2009 that this country is in the shape it's in. It is the result of policy, legislation, if you will, executive orders, things Obama has done because he wanted to do them. "

"We're not supposed to look at the results of liberal programs, are we? There aren't any that are successful. Every social program to come down the pike that the Dems, liberals have authored, has busted up minority families, destroyed the border system in this country. I mean, it's a disaster."

"If you're going to spend money you don't have anyway, why not spend it on getting more brain surgeons, spinal surgeons. If that's what the VA needs, get 'em in there. Why not get a bigger bang for the buck on actual medical care in the VA? Why not do that? I don't know, but it's a choice."

"The fact of the matter is that what's going on at the VA is because of policy. It's because of things Obama and his administration have done, purposefully. Ditto Obamacare and health care. Ditto the economy and the unemployed. Ditto everything. It is because specifically of policies, legislation, ideas, whatever you want to call it, implemented, put into action by this administration."

"All Barack Obama has to do is listen to one hour of this program every day, and he'll know everything that's going on. That's all he's gotta do."

"Let me answer my own question. I'm best at that anyway."


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