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Pat Sajak Tweaks Left with Tweet on Climate

RUSH: Pat Sajak, is he still hosting Wheel of Fortune today?  Is he?  As opposed to yesterday.  I know he was yesterday.  Pat Sajak sent a tweet yesterday, said to be controversial tweet.  He said, "Sometimes it's fun to poke a stick in a hornets' nest just to hear the buzzing."  Hit tweet was: "I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night."

"By Wednesday morning, it had been retweeted more than 2,000 times and favorite more than 1,300 times. The responses to the tweet have been wide-ranging."  A bunch of global warming hoaxers are responding.  It's amazing. If you upset the perfectly constructed cocoon of the liberal worldview, if you do anything that punctures that cocoon, you are going to be come after, you're gonna be targeted, and they're not gonna let go 'til you either apologize, go to reeducation camps, sensitivity training, or kill yourself. 

You're not allowed to have any opinions in America.  You're not allowed to, especially if it's an opinion contrary to the supposed mainstream of pop culture.  

The Pope Will Never Run Mozilla or Own an NBA Team

RUSH: Pope Francis.  You know, this guy's got the liberals tied in knots.  One day they love him; the next day they hate him; then the next day he's getting 'em back; the next day he pushes 'em away.  And he keeps dragging 'em back in when they don't want to have anything to do with the church. He keeps dragging 'em back in. He gets 'em back into the church, and then he kicks 'em back out again. 

"Although Pope Francis was praised for his 'who am I to judge?' comment about gay individuals and was named Person of the Year by the homosexual magazine The Advocate in 2013, the Pope has rejected the idea of same-sex marriage as an 'anthropological regression' and stressed that when it comes to adoption, 'every person needs a male father and a female mother.'"

For those of you in Rio Linda, anthropological is mankind.  Anthropological global warming means man-made, man-related, man-caused, what have you.  So when the pope says that the idea of same-sex marriage is an anthropological regression, what he's saying is that humanity is backtracking, humanity is losing ground, humanity is descending to the depths, "and stressed that when it comes to adoption every person needs a male father and female mother. 

"Pope Francis explained his views on these hot-button issues in his book, On Heaven and Earth: Pope Francis on Faith, Family, and the Church in the Twenty-First Century, which he co-wrote with Rabbi Abraham Skorka in 2010." Wow.  This is what I mean.  The pope, yeah, Pope Francis, the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio. That's what I mean. Yeah, they love him sometimes. They embrace him. He's got 'em in pretzels here.  They love him one day, they hate him the next, and he draws 'em back in, and they kick him back out, and he kicks 'em back in, and they love him, and they hate him, and they don't know what to do. 

I haven't seen a reaction to this yet.  I just remember when the pope was loved by the left because they assumed that he was with them on socialist economics.  Now of course he's a hater.  They keep toying with the idea, "Maybe this pope is actually gonna reform the church.  Maybe the pope is gonna allow gay marriage. Maybe the pope is gonna allow priests to have sex. Maybe the pope is gonna allow abortion."  He keeps sucking 'em in, and then he keeps slapping 'em in the face after he gets 'em in. (interruption)  Well, no, he's never run Mozilla and it's a darn good thing that the Vatican doesn't own a team in the NBA.

AP: Nobody Cares Who Controls Congress

RUSH: There's an AP story today, and the headline: "Nearly Half Don't Care Who Controls Congress."  Isn't this fascinating?  It was just last week we had two polls, and they were devastating for the Democrats.  One poll said that by 65 to 30 the American people want people in Congress who are going to oppose and roll back Obama policies, 65 to 30.  There was another poll that was similar to that, the margin was 60 to 30, where people wanted a different party from the president running the show in Congress. 

So today, a week or two later, "Nearly Half Don't Care Who Controls Congress." Isn't it amazing?  This is a push poll, and I think what this poll has as its purpose is to lay the groundwork to deny the Republicans a mandate if they happen to win big in the midterms.  This is how the story begins.  It's by Connie Cass and Jennifer Agiesta. 

"Who cares which party controls Congress? Only about half of Americans. The other 46 percent," they don't care. Nearly half of the American people don't care who controls Congress.  See, the midterms don't matter, folks.  Even if the Republicans win in a landslide, they're not gonna have a mandate because nobody cares.  Half the country doesn't care who wins. 

According to the polling data, the AP asks the question: "Generally speaking, would you say that you personally care a good deal which party controls control of Congress in the elections this fall, or don't you care very much which party wins?"  And the results for that were 53% care a good deal and 46% don't.  The media's hyping the 46% as being almost half.  But it's a weird question.  It sounds as if you have a personal stake in which party would win.  So there's that, an effort here to make it look like nobody cares who wins the midterms, so if the Republicans do win, they have no mandate. 

Then, of course, the New York Times story: "Democrats Seek Issues to Lure Midterm Votes After Races Buoy GOP." And, again, this story is all about how the Democrats win big when they portray Republicans as uncaring toward working-class Americans.  So we see where all of this is headed.  Blame Bush.  Nobody cares who runs Congress.  There really, therefore, isn't any need for any major change.  And Bush is responsible for the VA scandal.  


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