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"Open Line Friday, where I take the greatest career risks since Yoko Ono gave up painting -- or whatever she was doing -- for singing"

"The reason why the Democrats led by Obama see the world through race-colored glasses is the election coming up. It's their primary tool to turn out their base and their voters, because they don't have anything policy-wise that's going to do it."

"If you're gonna be in the cochlear implant business, you've got a finite number of customers. You gotta hope for deafness. He-he. You don't, really. But the business side of this is also a fascinating thing to me."

"We were all worried that Obama didn't do anything the night of the attack. Here we were all worried that Obama was off the grid. We were all worried, curious, 'Where was Obama while all this was going on?' And now we find out. There was no record of him being in the Situation Room. There was no on-the-record of him being in contact with anybody in a leadership position. He was on the phone with YouTube, Google, trying to get the video taken down."

"So in the middle of an attack on Benghazi, the White House calls Google to take down the video, because Google owns YouTube. The problem is, this e-mail that says the White House called YouTube to get the video taken down happened before the CIA told them that it was a video."

"Ambassador is under assault, four Americans under assault, all begging for assistance. I mean, hell's flying, hell's unleashed over there, and they call YouTube to pull down a video?"

"Charlie Rose is stunned, the hashtag, the hashtag. Why hasn't Boko Haram given back the girls?"

"I confirmed that I am right. I generally don't have to confirm that, but in this case I did. Racism is essentially a belief."

"Government cannot do it! Name a federal agency that does what it's supposed to do, and even comes close to meeting promises and expectations. Name one that actually serves the public first before it serves itself and the people in it. The way you've explained it is a great illustration of how no matter how many people you talk to or how much they say they care and how much money they spend, they just can't do it."

"The real heart of racism, is a belief, a belief in superiority and inferiority and all the things that are attached to it. If you say in a speech about race, that your white grandmother is a typical white woman, is there a belief system undergirding that statement? He loved his white grandmother, she's great, but she's a typical white woman. (interruption) Yeah, it gives away a lot."

"You've heard of the phrase, the soft bigotry of low expectations? That's exactly what liberalism owns. They look at people based on their skin color, their gender, and their sexual orientation."

"I think gridlock is the greatest thing the Founding Fathers invented when it comes to the legislative branch. You wouldn't believe how much gridlock has saved and slowed down the inexorable march of socialism in this country. We have gridlock to thank for it. And I'm serious."

"Memorial Day is one of these days, it's been for a long time, people don't know what it really is all about, and there's nothing you can do about it. It takes effort, a concerted effort to teach people things that they can't relate to 'cause they weren't alive when they happened."


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