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Shelly Sterling to Sell Team, Drive-Bys Claim Scalp

RUSH: One hour ago I breathlessly informed you that Donald Sterling had transferred the LA Clippers to his estranged wife, Shelly.  By the way, I don't remember where, but I read yesterday that they're not really "estranged." That's just something they say, but that they're not really estranged. 

Anyway, he has transferred the operation, the ownership of the team to her, which he can do with no tax consequences.  She's a spouse, so he can give her anything with no tax consequence.  So it's hers now, and the lawyer that she has retained is in a meeting with the league and the commissioner, Adam Silver, and they're trying to move this sale forward. But she's no idiot. 

She's saying she's not gonna surrender the control of the team in the sales process.  She's gonna get the price that she wants. She's going to sell it to whoever she wants to sell it to.  She's not gonna be railroaded here.  Those are the conditions that she has and her lawyer has essentially set down with the league.  But the Drive-Bys! The Drive-Bys are beside themselves.  "Oh, my God! Oh, my God!"

But they got Sterling.

They got rid of Sterling.

They've claimed another scalp. 

This is how you advance in journalism. And many, many journalists are just gonna be feeling really accomplished and achieved today by having driven Sterling out of the league. He was still in control of the team. Even though he was banned and faced the fine, he was still running the show.  Now they got rid of him, and if you're in Washington or New York, you'll have a tough time finding a seat at the bar at happy hour later today.  

Don't Count Conyers Out Yet

RUSH: News from the Associated Press, breaking news.  Detroit congressman John Conyers, in a shock to me...  We did a Morning Update on this.  John Conyers has lost his appeal to get on the ballot in 2014.  We figured that whatever skids needed to be greased in Michigan or Detroit would be greased so that Conyers could get on the ballot.  He's number two in seniority in the House of Representatives. 

"He lost his appeal today to get on the August primary ballot after Michigan election officials found problems with his nominating petitions." That would mean the signatures, probably. "The secretary of state's office affirmed a decision by Detroit-area election officials to keep Conyers off the ballot.  It would end his 50-year career in Congress unless, however, courts intervene or if he runs a successful write-in campaign."

So don't worry.  It's more than likely that our original Morning Update (which predicted he'd be on the ballot) will still be proven right, 'cause what are the odds he's gonna be able to find a judge to turn over this decision that these local yokel election people have handed down?  Or if push comes to shove, whatever it takes to get these write-ins in sufficient number. 

Wait.  Wait.  There's more from the AP.  Hold it.  "A federal judge..." Oh!  Oh, my God! Oh, my God!  "A federal judge is expected to rule later today on Conyers' request to throw out the Michigan election law as unconstitutional."  So you... (laughing) You try this.  A federal judge is gonna rule later today on Conyers' request to throw this ruling out. 

So that will be the solution: Find a judge to declare Michigan's election laws unconstitutional, and prejudiced, maybe racist. That may be a stretch, but whatever it takes.  Now, the problem with Conyers' nominating petitions is that not only were many of the signatures fake with improper addresses.

But the people who collected the signatures used fake addresses and signatures, too.  So it was fake here, fake there, fake everywhere on the petitions.  But that won't stop a federal judge from determining that the process that poor Conyers was subjected to was just unfair and unconstitutional and mean or whatever.

Stanford Population Kook Ehrlich: We'll Have to Eat the Bodies of Our Dead

RUSH:  “A controversial Stanford professor has claimed overpopulation could lead to humanity having to eat the bodies of the dead. Paul Ehrlich, best known for his prediction of human 'oblivion' 46 years ago, says that current population trends are on a course that could leave cannibalism as one of the only options. Ehrlich claimed that scarcity of resources will get so bad that humans will need to drastically change our eating habits and agriculture.
He said, “We will soon be asking is it perfectly okay to eat the bodies of your dead because we’re all so hungry?” This is in an interview in the Huffing and Puffington Post.  That this guy still has any credibility, he has been proven wrong on everything, proven wrong.  Julian Simon, the late scientist, made Ehrlich a bet -- in fact, a book has been written about this -- called The Bet. Julian Simon bet Ehrlich that the price and availability of an assortment of minerals and natural resources would increase in a certain number of years in the future.  And he was right.  Prices went down. All these minerals became more discoverable because of free markets.  Ehrlich has been totally discredited.  And yet he still serves a purpose on the left.  What does that tell you?  


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