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Pearls of Wisdom

"I love America. I wish everybody did, and I hope everybody will, but we're not there now. We are dealing with a fairly large, but still significant, minority that believes America is the problem in this world."

"I think half the people or more on these social media sites exaggerate a bit about all the fun they're having."

"To so many people, particularly young people using social media, they want everybody to know everything about them. They want to be famous."

"Everybody on the left is taking another real human tragedy and converting it into a political issue, the purpose of which is to advance their political agenda, in this case: get rid of the Second Amendment and confiscate everybody's guns. And they're all out in unison."

"The Nigerian government has told everybody that they know where the girls are but they can't tell anybody where they are because they don't want anybody going in there with force to get 'em out because force won't work and he just wants everybody to leave them alone. Could they have their kidnap-recovery people go in, each of 'em holding the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls? Would that help?"

"If you look at polling data you'll find that most of the illegal immigrants that arrive in this country are big believers in socialism and big government. They are not a natural constituency for the Republican Party."

"There's a battle for the heart and soul of America. There is a battle for the kind of country we're gonna be. It's being waged by the people we elected in 2008 to lead this country."

"If you are a leftist, socialist, you want to conquer this country, you want to get rid of every trace of the founding. If you want to get rid of capitalism, if you want to get rid of the whole concept of free markets and free will, what do you do? You have to convince as many people as possible that the country was corrupt from the very beginning. It was unjustly founded. It was founded deeply immersed in immorality and injustice and slavery and discrimination and bigotry, and you must continue leveling that charge until you have succeeded in taking over the country."

"What's happened since Obama was elected? It's gotten worse, has it not? By design. No, no. It's not maybe gotten worse. It is said to have gotten worse. Any criticism of Obama is said to be racist."

"There are reasons why what used to be considered coarse and taboo or intolerable, today is considered art."

"I am an optimist. I always have been and there's no earthly reason if you look at my life why I shouldn't be. If I were a pessimist, boy, what a mistake that would be, given the blessed life that I've had."

"So many people associate the Republican Party with big business and capitalism, and that's not the case anymore. It's crony socialism or crony capitalism, however you wish to define it. But it involves corporate interests getting close to whoever is in power and having success be determined by that close proximity and that degree of support and association, rather than standing for a set of principles."

"I believe in optimism and happy endings and stuff. They're possible. But I don't think there's a whole lot of that now because the modern definition of reality is dystopia."

"If you are a conservative and you're sitting around waiting for your values to be reflected in popular culture, as long as it's owned by the left, it isn't gonna happen."

"Dealing with illegal immigration with amnesty is just an absolutely disastrous way of solving the problem."

"What happened in founding this country is an absolute miracle when it comes to human history on this planet. It is just an amazing story."


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