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Morning Update: Useful Dead

Newsday, a newspaper that covers Long Island, NY, recently conducted a computer analysis of voter rolls. They found that over 6,000 dead people in Nassau County were still registered to vote. And some of the dead did vote. Or at least their names did.

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Prince Charles Calls for End of Capitalism to Save the Planet

RUSH: Prince Charles, you talk about wasted space on the planet.  Man, oh, man, this guy was in London last night during the Inclusive Capitalism Initiative conference on inclusive capitalism.  The Inclusive Capitalism Initiative conference on inclusive capitalism, and he proceeded to rip capitalism to shreds, as he understands it.  And in the process, what Prince Charles did is confirm something I've been saying for 25 years, that modern environmentalism became the modern home of anti-capitalists and communists when the Soviet Union fell.  It was one of my updated 35 Truths of Life.  Prince Charles comes along and veritably admits this.  

Feminists Blame Men, But Killer's Manifesto Dripped With Class Warfare Rhetoric

RUSH: Because of this incident out in California with Elliot Rodger, there are women all over this country now writing blog posts and creating hashtags taking the occasion of this event to make the point that this shows how women are discriminated against and oppressed at least many times in their lives.  It does make sense, if you understand the left, and if you understand that every event, particularly a crime, is one of the best and fastest ways for them to advance the agenda... And then we find out also that there's a not very much or very loudly reported characteristic of Elliot Rodger.  Dig deep into his -- whatever they're calling it -- manifesto.  Do you know what this guy was maybe primarily motivated by?  This guy hated the rich.

Dingy Harry Displays Danger Signs

RUSH: I'm gonna tell you somebody we need to keep a sharp eye on. This is what the left is telling us, and I think somebody needs to put Harry Reid in a safe and secure place.  This obsession that he has with the Koch brothers very much scares me, this irrationality that Harry Reid has with the Koch brothers.

The Tea Party Will Live as Long as There is a Country Left to Save

RUSH: They can dream that the Tea Party's dead, and they can dream that the Tea Party's been vanquished, and they can dream that the Tea Party's gone away.  They see the Tea Party as just extreme conservatism.  They don't even know what it is. They don't even know what the Tea Party is. They don't even know what primary factors of that mind-set are.  They just think it's extreme conservatism.  But regardless, it hasn't gone anywhere.  It isn't going anywhere. I think this November, everybody is gonna see overwhelming evidence of just how many of these people there are.  


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