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Pearls of Wisdom

"The British royal family is the biggest welfare case in the UK. Of course Prince Charles is going to like socialism. All monarchs do. It's how they survive."

"You go to any totalitarian, socialist, fascist, communist country, and you're gonna find more pollution per capita than you would ever hope to find in a free market capitalist society, by definition. That is inarguable."

"Elliot Rodger goes nuts and that becomes symbolic of what every man is capable of. And yet when militant Islamists blow up the World Trade Center, what's the first thing we're told? Now, now, don't judge the whole religion."

"They can dream that the Tea Party's dead, and they can dream that the Tea Party's been vanquished and they can dream that the Tea Party's gone away. I think this November everybody is gonna see overwhelming evidence of just how many of these people there are." -

"None of these people in this administration are qualified for anything they're doing. Not qualified to do health care. Not qualified to do energy. They're not qualified."

"Harry Reid, hates and resents the Koch brothers every bit as much as Elliot Rodger hated women. I see the signs. I see the irrationality. I see the red flags. The danger signs are clear as a bell with Harry Reid. Somebody needs to do something."

"Obama is not comfortable with the United States being a superpower. He doesn't like that at all, because we never really were a legitimate superpower."

"The Tea Party isn't dead. It's nothing more than a fervent desire on the part of the Washington establishment in both parties."

"Everybody is saying, 'What is Washington going to do?' about these mass shootings, and it's the wrong question. Somebody needs to ask, 'What is Washington doing right anywhere else, to even want to turn this over to somebody there?'"

"The Google driverless car: no brakes, no steering wheel. It sounds just like the Obama administration."

"When I quit radio and went to work for the Kansas City Royals baseball team, my father was finally happy. He thought I'd finally made a good decision."


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