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Obama Concussion Summit

RUSH: Well, the first annual -- well, I don't know if it's gonna be annual, but the first White House summit on concussions in sports is tomorrow at the White House.  There will be 200 concussion experts, including Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the National Football League.  I wonder if they will talk about the inevitable concussion Michael Sam is gonna get someday.  It's a fait accompli, right?  Everybody playing in the NFL gets a concussion now.  The only question is how many, and will it be recognized. 

And of course President Obama said he wouldn't let his son play in the NFL today.  Then after saying that, applauded Michael Sam and actually sent him a congratulatory note or phone call or whatever after he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams.  So a concussion summit.  Now, you know as well as I do, this is a deflection that's designed to show compassion, concern, caring, doing something about it, when in fact nothing will be done.  There will be literally nothing useful that comes out of this thing.  It's just a bunch of -- it's a circle.  Like all the jobs summits.  How many of those have we had? 

Remember all the media people?  Thomas "Loopy" Friedman shows up at one of them. Obama assigns work groups to go off in various corners of the White House and confer, then come back and report to him at the end of the day, and that's it.  The summit's over and they fixed the problem, as far as you're concerned.  They met. They were concerned. They cared. They spoke of their worries and their desires, that there not be any concussions, and they promise to look deep, find out what to do about preventing concussions, and then they left. And it was problem solved. 

And that's another microcosm of how good liberals do things.  Convene a meeting, everybody talks about how worried they are, how upset they are, how concerned.  That equals doing something about it, because, you see, compassion and caring is all you have to do in order to get credit for being a good person.  Actually coming up with a solution, nah.  In fact, the more they do that, the worse off everybody ends up being.  You take any liberal program they've tried, it's abject failure, which is why you don't ever examine their results.  No, no.  You only are allowed to examine their big hearts and their good intentions.  

Moochelle Makes Food Takeover Move

RUSH: Michelle Obama is making a full-fledged move now, taking over whatever food children eat in this country, and there's some people that are fighting back on it.  There's a backlash against Moochelle and her efforts here.  But before we get back to your phone calls, I want to get to Prince Charles and move in to Obama at West Point today at the commencement address because a well-known Drive-By Media specialist was not pleased.  

Goofy Google Driverless Car Unveiled

RUSH: When we get back, it's on to West Point and Obama's commencement address there, preceded by some pre-analysis of Obama's speech by Fareed Zakaria GPS from inside the new Google driverless car that gets by with GPS.  Have you heard about this Google car?  (interruption)  Unveiled it yesterday.  It's the funniest, stupidest looking car. It looks like a miniature Smart Car, if that's possible. 

There are no brakes, there's no steering wheel, there's no accelerator. There's a start button and a map and a GPS, and you tell it where you're going, and you sit back and you search Google while the Google driverless car takes you where you're going.  Its top speed's 25 miles an hour. (interruption) Well, I mean, that's 'cause when you hit a pedestrian you won't kill 'em.


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