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The Redskins Name Will Be Changed Eventually

RUSH: What is the latest on this Redskins business?  This is from The Politico: "After getting the support of 50 senators last week, the groups behind the push to change the Washington Redskins name are now appealing to new faces: every player in the National Football League. The Oneida Indian Nation and the National Congress of American Indians, which are leading the Change the Mascot campaign, are sending a letter Wednesday asking the players to take a stance against the Redskins name."

Wait a minute.  Congress of American Indians.  I thought that was an offensive term.  (interruption)  Well, I guess it's kind of like the NAALCP, the National Association for Advancement of Liberal Colored People.  It's the traditional name of the organization, so they can use it, just like the National Congress of American Indians.  But if I were to say American Injuns, whoa, there'd be a problem, right?  (interruption)  That's the way they said it in the westerns when I was growing up, but I realize now that was very insensitive and insulting.  And the Indians in the movies acted that way, too.  They were never happy. 

So the National Congress of American Indians are leading the charge here to get all the NFL players to do what?  Well, they're sending letters to the teams, and they're tweeting directly to the players with the hashtag -- oh, it's a hashtag campaign!  That's right.  #rightsideofhistory, is the hashtag, the Twitter hashtag.  So now they're bringing out the big guns. 

I think what they're heading towards here is they're trying to get some players to boycott games against the Redskins.  That's where they're ultimately headed.  They want to get some socially conscious players refusing to play in the NFL against a team that calls itself the Redskins.  Why else send the letter?  I mean, what would the end result be?  It was not just consciousness raising.  When they bring out the hashtag, you know they're bringing out the big guns. 

You know what I read today?  I think it was Cindy Adams in the New York Post.  She either wrote it herself or she was reporting somebody else's advice.  And the advice is that if you check into a hotel and something's wrong, you don't get the right room or the room isn't good or the services aren't what you were told or anything goes wrong, don't go to the front desk and don't waste time arguing with anybody at the hotel.  Just go to Twitter and post a tweet about how rotten X hotel is, and it will be changed instantly.  That's what the advice was. 

So that's why I see now they're bringing out the big guns on this Redskins business.  They've got a hashtag here, #rightsideofhistory.  Look, they've tried talking to Snyder.  They've tried talking to Goodell to talk to Snyder.  They've tried to go to the other owners to talk to Snyder to talk to Goodell.  They've tried talking to Bruce Allen, the president and CEO, general manager of the Redskins.  That hasn't gotten 'em anywhere.  So now they're gonna go big guns, hashtag.  Time for the hashtag now. 

You know, I'm sure it was a last resort.  (interruption)  That's right.  That's right.  They are going to go to players who use the N-word against and about each other on the field to pressure the Redskins to change their name.  Exactly right.  (interruption)  Well, no, no.  That's not the effect.  Snerdley, you're not getting this.  The hashtag.  They should have done this first.  But they tried all the other direct appeals.  Now essentially they're trying to enlist this massive number of low-information Twitterverse people to get this thing done.

One thing about the left, they never give up.  There is no permanent defeat, once they decide they want something.  (interruption)  No, no.  The Redskins name is going to be changed some point.  (interruption)  Well, I don't know when and I don't know under what circumstances, but the Redskins name is gonna get changed.  And I predict to you sooner rather than later.  (interruption)  Show me where the opposite is happening in this country.  Show me where they're not getting what they want.  Show me.  (interruption)  If you think that they're gonna lose this fight to get the Redskins to change their name, show me where they're losing such fights. 

Show me who is even pushing back.  Snyder is one of the few all over the country who's even pushing back on such an effort.  (interruption)  I'm just telling you.  You can think I'm wrong; you can think I'm right.  I'm just telling you.  I'm using intelligence guided by experience.  (interruption)  No, I don't know what the new name is gonna be.  Foreskins?  We got you covered?  I don't know.  


You know, the solution to the Washington Redskins controversy is right in front of our face, and you don't even have to change the name.  Just change the mascot.  Just change the icon to a potato, a red skinned potato.  You know, dress it up, have a flashy looking potato, maybe put a football helmet on the potato or something, and then keep calling them the Washington Redskins.  There are red skin potatoes out there.  Aren't there?

I mean, that would be the fastest thing. You don't have to change the name of the team. Just change the mascot from Chief Noc-A-Homa or whoever to a potato.  Maybe you could call them the Watergate Burglars, so that we never forget one of the greatest crimes in American political history perpetrated by the Republicans.

Gloria Allred Says Misogyny is a Mental Illness

RUSH:  You would not believe -- maybe you would -- some of the explanations being offered for the actions of Elliot Rodger.  Gloria Allred says it's the mental illness of male chauvinism.  

What's "Nerd Lust"?

RUSH: There's apparently an op-ed out there, "Nerd Lust in Media Can Feed Misogyny."  Maybe some tech blogger wrote this?  I don't know who... (interruption)  They're talking to a nerd about it.  It's on CNN.  What does this mean, "Nerd Lust in Media Can Feed Misogyny"?  What is "nerd lust"?  There apparently is an op-ed out there.  That's all I know. 

I don't know who wrote it; I don't know where it is.  They're talking about it on cable news right now.  I just saw the little Chyron graphic go by, and as always my insatiable curiosity is piqued here.  What is nerd lust?  (interruption)  Lust for nerds?  Who does?  Who lusts for nerds?  Lust by nerds? Nerd lust is lust by nerds?  (interruption)  Okay, so the nerds...

Well, it still doesn't make sense.  The nerds are lusting for what?  Oh, oh, oh! Wait a minute.  The nerds are lusting for women.  (interruption)  Okay.  Okay.  Okay.  'Cause there's an op-ed out there that said nerds lusting for babes and then getting rejected feeds misogyny, and then the nerds kill women, and that's what life in America is like for women.  Okay.  Thank you for helping me out. 

I didn't realize we were talking about lust by nerds.  The way it's written up there, I thought it was lust of nerds, and I don't know who does. (interruption) "No one" is right.  Well, here's the point.  Somebody just said to me that nerd girls like nerd guys.  The problem is, do nerds admit that they're nerds?  See, that's always the question. Remember my idea to ban the ugly.

We could make it voluntary, but do the ugly know who they are?  Sometimes they don't.  So that... (interruption)  Well, I know there were nerds-get-even movies and all that. There have been various periods where being a nerd was cool, but it never sustains itself.  If nerds were cool, they wouldn't be nerds.  You'd get rid of the name, by the way.  So, anyway, it is... (interruption)  What, did you find it?  Is that what you...?

Oh, it's about the guy that's on... (interruption)  Oh.  All right.  Now it makes sense.  It's by a guy.  It... (interruption)  Yeah, Arthur Chu.  Wasn't sure for a while.  "Nerdy guys aren't guaranteed..." It's in The Daily Beast.  It's Tina Brown's liberal publication.  Here's how it starts: "Nerdy guys aren't guaranteed to get laid by the hot chick as long as we work hard. There isn't a team of writers or a studio audience pulling for us to triumph by getting the girl." 

So we get mad and we hate women and we then resort to violence, is the thinking. Whew! "Nerdy guys aren't guaranteed to get..." Nobody's guaranteed.  "Nerdy guys aren't guaranteed to get laid by the hot chick as long as we work hard. There isn't a team of writers or a studio audience pulling for us to triumph by getting the girl."  Okay, so the guy's upset movies and TV shows never have scenes where the nerd gets the babe. 

It doesn't happen, right?  So the nerds are revolting, getting ticked off, getting mad, ending up hating women, and then disaster happens.  (interruption)  Well, okay.  Let me then go to this other piece.  This other piece is in the UK Guardian.  I mentioned it earlier in the program.  Jessica Valenti. 

"#YesAllWomen Reveals the Constant Barrage of sexism That Women Face -- But still some say Elliot Rodger's killing spree had other motivations. When will we admit that our society is misogynist?" A-ha. So look what's happening here.  So we have a male nerd writing that male nerds become misogynists when they're rejected by babes. 

That's in The Daily Beast.  

Angry Feminist: All Women Face Elliot Rodger Every Day

RUSH: Across the pond in the UK Guardian we have a woman, Jessica Valenti, asking, "When will we admit that our society is misogynist? Elliot Rodger's California shooting spree: Further proof that misogyny kills. Elliot Rodger was a misogynist -- but is that all he was?" 

Okay, so her theory is that he was driven by sexism, and you know what she says if you read the piece?  This guy, Elliot Rodger, really wasn't all that crazy by today's standards.  He's pretty normal.  That's what this woman wants you to believe because this woman wants you to believe... Remember what we had yesterday. 

Not all men are brutes, was the op-ed piece yesterday.  Not all men are brutal, not all men are brutes, not all men are predators, but every woman faces it every day.  That is the female experience in America, that every day a woman faces the possibility of being brutalized, objectified, hated, pummeled, harmed, hurt, injured, and this is our society today. It is a misogynist society. 

Here's how her piece begins: "Women have had enough. The stares. The butt-grabs. The little comments. And now this: a man writes a 140-page misogynist manifesto before killing six people, and yet -- still -- women are called hysterical for insisting this tragedy was driven by sexism. ... Regardless of Rodger's mental health issues -- which we still don't know much about -- his ideas were not 'crazy' by the standards of the world today.

"They are the norm," so says Jessica Valenti.  So, you see, folks, this is liberalism in action.  They thrive on this.  This is the point.  Take the absolute worst aspects of any society or culture and make the people in those events the biggest victims and then claim, "This is what America is!"  This is precisely how it works, and thus begins the massive effort to guilt-trip everybody.

So, in other words, Elliot Rodger is not isolated.  This is not a one-off.  This is not some odd, weird, infrequent thing.  This is what America is, and every woman knows it because every woman faces it every day of the week and of the month and of the year.  Now, then this stuff ends up in the curricula, in the women's studies curricula, starting in... Well, hell, junior high, middle school, high school, certainly on into college.

And then they come out of there, and no wonder they're all turning to government for protection, for security, for safety, for survival, and for support.  This is how it's done.  Get them young. Convince them that they are at risk every day simply because they are women in this misogynistic, sexist, bigoted, hate-filled culture.  Since it is men who pose this threat, you can't turn to one of them for protection. 

No! You have to turn to government.  Folks, do not doubt me.  Do not discount this.  This is exactly how this stuff happens.  And my point is the left thrives on these events.  They love it. They politicize it. I mean, every crime that happens is an opportunity for them to politicize it, to not only plug it into their agenda but into what they claim is their worldview and then force policy based on it. 

"So you're channel surfing on TV and you see a nerd on TV who says, "Nerd lust can feed misogyny," and you go, "Ha-ha. What's that?"  You stop and think about it.  Then you read from the UK a woman who says, "Hey, this guy was not an anomaly! This is exactly what our culture is about. This is why women are at risk each and every day."

After this, then a guy like Obama puts together a commercial for his election, a cartoon featuring this woman, Julia, who we all laugh at. But many, many single women totally identify with her.  If men are the threat, if men are the threat that women face each and every day, where else are they gonna turn to protection? 


Run by liberal men, of course, who would never do anything like this.

Oh, no way! 

My question is: How is it that feminism could be such a total failure?  Wasn't feminism supposed to eliminate all this?  Feminism has to be one of the biggest failures of all time! If this is the normal state, if this is the attitude and the circumstances under which women must get through each day, what kind of massive failure has modern feminism been?  Is that not embarrassing? Think about that.  


RUSH: Look, it's not just feminism.  It's all of liberalism.  They thrive on what they consider to be cultural depravity that they can blame on a free-market America or on guns or on whatever else they want to get rid of. 

So what they've done here, what this woman is doing is casting every man to be Elliot Rodger, or potentially.  Therefore, a woman today can't turn to men for protection, security, safety, what have you.  There's only one place to go: The Democrat Party.  The party of government.  The one place that actually cares for women.  Like Bill Clinton and the soccer moms, for example, and Michelle Obama and what your kids are eating. 

Because the Republicans and everybody else?

They're just predators, and you have to be safe.

You can't count on them.

But government? Clinton? Obama?

That's your answer.


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