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Guest Host Buck Sexton

"When you negotiate with the Taliban, you're negotiating with terrorists. This establishes a dangerous precedent that no doubt will be influencing the actions of terrorists going forward. Hostage taking, hostage trading, is going to become a much more common thing in the future." -Buck Sexton

POW (or Deserter?) Terrorist Trade

"Are we negotiating with terrorists now? Hasn't it been a US policy for some time that we do not negotiate with terrorists? That we, in fact, refuse to sit down with those who would kill civilians, violate the laws of war, and ultimately wish for our destruction." -Buck Sexton 

"We're winning while we're leaving. That's the Obama strategy in a nutshell." -Buck Sexton

RushLimbaugh.com: The Obama Doctrine: America Sucks 

"Here he is, the president, POTUS, commander-in-chief speaking at West Point, and it's the Limbaugh Theorem.  He's speaking as though he's not even the president. All these other people are screwing around and that's why things are all messed up.  Just amazing." -Rush

Obama's War on Coal

"This EPA legislation by fiat today is going to hurt. It's going to have a real impact on the economy. As long as the environmentalist left has the hold that it does on the progressives, on the Democrats, you're going to see these nonsensical decisions made. Keystone is just indefensible." -Buck Sexton 

"Wind farms, if you want to be honest about it, are essentially Cuisinarts for migratory foul. Not good. But that's okay because at least we're trying to save the planet." -Buck Sexton

RushLimbaugh.com: Obama EPA Official Vows to "Crucify" Oil and Gas Industry

"There are hundreds of thousands of jobs waiting for the Keystone pipeline. There's all kinds of new domestic oil we have. We would be less dependent on Middle Eastern oil. Obama's opposed to it. The fact is he's opposed to it; that ought to be enough to disqualify him." -Rush 

Why Central Planning Fails

"The environment has such a deep psychological hold on the statist left in this country, that they will sell out unions, anybody." -Buck Sexton

RushLimbaugh.com: Why I Refuse to Throw in the Towel

"The end of the Obama presidency is not gonna be magic.  It's gonna be big in one characteristic, though.  It's gonna end this paralysis of criticism that everybody is suffering." -Rush  


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