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Guest Host Mark Steyn

"The United States has the highest trained, most professional soldiery on the planet. They are ill-served by their leaders in Washington." -Mark Steyn

Confused American Loser

"The maximum number of troops in Afghanistan were in 2012, during Obama's joke surge. Seventy percent of the casualties are on his watch; half the war is on his watch. The first seven years were on Bush's watch. This was Obama's war. It was 'the good war.' It was the war that the Democrats said we should have been in Afghanistan, we shouldn’t be in Iraq." -Mark Steyn

"This guy, Bergdahl, is like a lot of young men. He's got a big hole somewhere inside of him where his sense of identity once was. That's like a lot of young people today. If you've had to endure as many lousy, third-rate graduation speeches as I've had to sit through in the last three days, you'll be aware that there are a lot of young Americans who feel the same way." -Mark Steyn

Regulatory Tyranny

"The Washington Post says 'a huge majority of Americans favor regulating carbon from power plants, and they're even willing to pay for it,' because it's about moral preening. The more regulations we impose, the more it says that we're better people." -Mark Steyn

RushLimbaugh.com: Caller Encounters Flood of Hidden Taxation

"You could live in a place where there hasn't ever been a flood and all of a sudden get one of these notices that you now live in a potential floodplain, and, as such, you have to have flood insurance from the federal government and here's what it costs." -Rush

Global Warming Godzilla

"Cows are a bigger threat to the planet than even AlGore's house." -Mark Steyn 

RushLimbaugh.com: The World Depends on Stopping Cow Farts

"When you tell people that we have to get rid of cow farts to save the planet, nobody is gonna go for that.  Well, not nobody. But that's how just out of control that they have gotten." -Rush 

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"If you're fleeing the country, do swing by here in far northern New Hampshire. You can't miss us. There's a big sign that says, 'Last Rush Guest Host Before the Border.'" -Mark Steyn


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