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Guest Host Erick Erickson

"Not a day goes by where the left doesn't politicize something." -Erick Erickson

Bergdahl Blowback

"Barack Obama believes that for the world to be a safer place we must be a less safe place. For the world to be stronger, we must be weaker." -Erick Erickson

"I know Hillary Clinton covets the presidency as relentlessly as Gollum wanted the ring back, but I'm just not sure that in 2016 she will be running. She is playing the role though."  -Erick Erickson

RushLimbaugh.com:The Obama Doctrine: America Sucks

"The truth of the matter is that our enemies are not afraid.  They are fully aware, but they perceive the United States to be weak, because it's clear.  I mean, they've met the president, they've dealt with him. They know full well that this is a president who's not comfortable projecting the power the United States military has." -Rush  

Mississippi Primary

"Are we on the verge of a divorce of party or are we just having a little squabble and we'll all come together? This is what I think makes this Mississippi race so phenomenal." -Erick Erickson

"There is a difference between the parties.  Our side is better.  We should unite and vote for the Republicans. We may not care for the Republican, but we go with the army we have. Our guy may have not won the primary, but we rally to the Republican who does because we are not the party of Barack Obama." -Erick Erickson

RushLimbaugh.com: The Tea Party Will Live as Long as There is a Country Left to Save

"The Tea Party hasn't gone anywhere.  It isn't going anywhere. I think this November, everybody is gonna see overwhelming evidence of just how many of these people there are." -Rush  

Super Bowl "50"

"I like to cook. I like to grill. It's a nice diversion from politics. But more and more I find liberals who are even willing to politicize the kitchen! I'm not going to give up plump chicken or fat cows. Life can't be fun if you politicize everything." -Erick Erickson

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"Never underestimate the power of the EIB Network." -Erick Erickson


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