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Guest Host Mark Belling

"There are some political realities that have impeded Obama, including the fact that there are a lot of Democrats -- particularly swing-state Democrats -- who can't let him be as radical as he would like to be." -Mark Belling 

Obama's New Narrative

"My take on the Bergdahl-for-Taliban story is that the president of the United States has never fully bought in to the War on Terror." -Mark Belling

"One of the reasons you don't negotiate with terrorists is that it legitimizes them. This deal legitimizes the Taliban." -Mark Belling

RushLimbaugh.com: Cairo is Key to the Benghazi Cover-Up

"These people, everything they do is a cover-up because they can't be honest about what their real intentions are, what their real policies are, what they really are doing and what they want to do.  They can't be honest about it, so everything they do is a cover-up or a distraction. Everything!" -Rush

A Weaker America

"How is it that the Taliban is able to run rings around the United States? How are they able to get back five terrorists we captured after 9/11, by giving back one American who may have been a deserter?" -Mark Belling

"The competence of some is dependent on the incompetence of others. I just made that up.  I think it's profound, but I'm from Wisconsin." -Mark Belling

Income Inequality 

"Obama is further to the left than a lot of people on his own side." -Mark Belling

"If you want to work with the rest of the world our word has to mean something, and with this president it doesn't." -Mark Belling

RushLimbaugh.com: It's So Easy to be a Liberal

"He's out talking about income inequality, but this guy is living the life of Riley on other people's dollars like there is no end to them." -Rush

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"There's a reason the left so despises Rush Limbaugh. They hate Rush because he has a large audience and presents a differing world view than theirs. They don't ever want to be challenged. They don't like anyone who is going to fight back in terms of politics or ideology." -Mark Belling


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