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Morning Update: Kerry Land

This past weekend, Obama's secretary of state, John Kerry (who, by the way, served in Vietnam), was the guest on a low-rated cable news network. He was asked if five senior Taliban terrorists that Obama sprung from Club Gitmo in exchange for Sergeant Bergdahl might return to the battlefield to fight and kill Americans.

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Flooding the Zone: Obama is Executing His Mission to Transform America

RUSH: Barack Obama has two and a half years to transform this country.  He's got two and a half years to remake this country.  He's got two and a half years to do whatever he wants to do to this country.  He also knows that he's not on any ballot coming up in this election year.  So it doesn't matter to his electoral fortunes anything that happens here.  He is on a mission.  This country is going to pay a price for its past transgressions.  He's going to see to that.

Ideas for the Immigrant Refugee Kids

RUSH: Why not take all of these kids and drop them in all of these wealthy counties in Washington and the suburbs of DC?  Because that's where the new wealth in this country is... Let's drop them there.  Let's have the policy makers actually have to live with the results of their policy.  

Mrs. Clinton's "Dead Broke" Sob Story

RUSH: "Oh, us poor Clintons! We're so broke. We're flat broke. We're dead broke. We had all these expenses. We had to pay for Chelsea's education." They're trying to make themselves sound just like average, ordinary Americans, and it just bombed, because 700 grand per speech is the top that Bill Clinton has made, but it's been reported he's made $106 million in speeches over 10 or 13 years. Hillary gets a couple hundred grand per speech.


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