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"Why would Obama flood the zone with tens of thousands of refugee children, uneducated, obviously poor, obviously not able to support themselves? Why would you do it? It's not a matter of why wouldn't you stop it; it's why would you do it?"

"I'm no longer intrigued by what the Clintons are doing. I guess, A, because I know. There's no mystery to the Clintons for me. I know exactly what they're doing."

"Barack Obama has two and a half years to transform this country. He's got two and a half years to remake this country. He's got two and a half years to do whatever he wants to do to this country. He also knows that he's not on any ballot coming up in this election year. So it doesn't matter to his electoral fortunes anything that happens here. He is on a mission. This country is going to pay a price for its past transgressions. He's going to see to that."

"Could it be that there are elements of this Regime that don't really think of the Taliban as the enemy? That they are just as justified with their grievances as we might be in ours?"

"Do you know why we have not been visited by aliens? You know why we really haven't? I'm reading my tech blogs and I've got it right here. It's global warming. Seriously! Global warming is why aliens have passed us by in their explorations of space."

"You can blame things on Obama and the Democrats, and we will and we do, but there are people that elect them, and there are a lot of them. And they are the product of their education and their environment and the media."

"We just opened a third military base to house these refugee immigrant children. Why not take all of these kids and drop them in these wealthy counties in Washington and the suburbs of DC? Let's have the policy makers actually have to live with the results of their policy."
"As you've been watching the news today, have you heard a 'thump, thump, thump, thump, thump' noise? That is the body of Chuck Hagel being run over by a bus. The Obama Regime is saying that the whole idea for swapping five really bad Taliban guys for Bergdahl was Hagel's call."
"'Boko Haram Kidnaps More Women,' UK Guardian. I tell you, these are some brave guys. You challenge that hashtag, and you've got some gonads, I'm telling you. So we need a new hashtag now. We had #BringBackOurGirls. Now it's time for #BringBackOurWomen."

"Twitter allows you to show you care from your basement using a hashtag. It allows you to be part of the story. It makes you think you matter. It makes you think you're doing something. The fact that you aren't is irrelevant."

"To be a liberal, you just have to say you care. Bam! That's it. It's the easiest, most gutless choice in the world you can make. Actually doing something about something? No, no, no, no, no, no."


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