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"The divide, the gap, the distance between the elite establishment and average Americans has never been greater, and Congressman Cantor was seen as part of that very small yet powerful group of elites in the establishment to whom what happens in the rest of the country is not even known, nor is there much concern for it."

"Let me tell you Republicans what you have to lose if you don't get this right, and that's the presidency. That's what you have to lose. Now, maybe they don't care. Maybe all they want is their Senate committee chairmanships. That seems to be one of the prime motivators."

"This election was historic. This is the first time a majority leader of a party has lost a primary election, the first time. This is not insignificant."

"David Brat is not a wacko. He's not a kook. He's an economics professor. He's an economist. He's an American. He's a real guy."

"Some estimates are 100 million Americans are not working. We do not need an influx of poorly educated poor people added to the job rolls!"

"The biggest obstacle Barack Obama has is not the Republican Party. It isn't talk radio. It isn't anything other than the Constitution. That's the biggest obstacle in his way. And everything he can do to get around it, he's doing. And there's no push-back."

"Dave Brat had a great message. Have you heard anybody embracing it? Have you heard anybody in Washington on the Republican side embracing his message? No. All you're hearing is talk radio being blamed or the voters being blamed or the confrontational nature of politics being blamed, some meaningless tripe, but nobody's embracing Brat's message."

"The people of this country can hear the Chamber of Commerce guys. The people of this country can read the Wall Street Journal editorials. They know that the only thing that immigration reform is going to be is a slew of new poor Democrats that are gonna end up busting the federal budget, electing Democrats in perpetuity, and there isn't gonna be any border security."

"The tricks that the media and the Democrats have played on Republicans that they fall for continue to amaze me."

"The Democrats, no way they're gonna secure the border. The Democrats want as many poorly educated, economically poor, dependent people as they can get. I have never understood why the Republicans don't get what's happening to them, but it is clear they don't."

"Eric Cantor forgot who his constituents are. Constituency became the Chamber of Commerce, donors, the Republican leadership, and even the president."

"Eric Cantor became a creation of Washington and his constituency became Barack Obama and the House leadership. That's why he was doing what he was doing. That's for whom he was doing what he was doing, and the people in his district finally figured it out I think."

"I can honestly say I have never seen such a divide between the people who govern this country and the people who live in it. I have never seen Washington so distant and so removed and so unaware."

"Obama talking about Bowe Bergdahl. 'We never leave a soldier on the battlefield, period. We never leave a soldier on the battlefield.' So, Mr. President, your administration did not consider the US embassy, the consulate in Benghazi, a battlefield as it was burning to the ground?"

"A strong military to preserve the peace? Unh-uh. Hashtags! Hashtags preserve the peace today, and don't you dare forget it."


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