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Code Pink Rallies Around Bergdahl

RUSH: You want to hear something funny?  They had an anti-war, pro-Bergdahl rally at the White House today, outside the White House.  Code Pink.  Now, Code Pink, if they're honoring this guy, they must have concluded he's a deserter, because otherwise why honor him?  I mean, these are anti-military types.  This is Medea Benjamin, you know, Code Pink.  These are these radical Cindy Sheehan types. Well, she was a pretender, but, I mean, these are the people that get into congressional hearings.

Democrats give 'em passes under the table to get in and disrupt things and then they get thrown out. "Fewer than two dozen protesters showed up to an anti-war, pro-Bowe Bergdahl rally in front of the White House Tuesday. Organizers, including Code Pink, the Answer Coalition and March Forward, billed the rally’s message in promotional material as, 'Welcome Home Sgt. Bergdahl, End the War in Afghanistan Now, and Shut Down Guantanamo!'"

Now, why is Code Pink defending a war hero who served with honor and distinction?  They don't do that.  I am convinced that Code Pink thinks that he deserted.  That's why they are honoring him.  That's who they are.  They would naturally approve of that.  John Kerry used to be their favorite military guy. He threw medals over the White House fence, but now it's Bergdahl.  And it's not because he served with honor and distinction.  Code Pink doesn't honor military people for doing that.  They honor military people for deserting or for speaking out against or what have you. 

Chuck Hagel Tries to Get Out from Under the Bus

RUSH: Chuck Hagel showed up today and basically said, "This bus may be trying to run me over, but I did not do this!"  The Bergdahl thing.  He actually did.  I was waiting for him to say, "I feel like Admiral Stockdale."  Remember him?  He was Perot's vice presidential nominee. At the vice presidents debate, he said, "Who am I, and why am I here?"  Which may be one of the most honest things a candidate's ever said at a debate.

Climate Impacts School Lunches?

RUSH: From the Daily Signal at the Heritage Foundation: "The Dietary Guidelines may soon be based on global warming as much as human nutrition. Currently, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) is working on recommendations for the 2015 Guidelines. "The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will use the Committee’s recommendations to modify the Guidelines, which are updated every five years.  ...

"[T]he Guidelines are influential. They are used to develop many federal nutritional programs, including school meal programs. If this environmental hijacking of the Guidelines is left unaddressed, the nutritional health of children, and the public generally, could be weighed against the political agenda of environmental special interests," or global warming.

Now, folks, I contend it's stuff like this that just gets reported, and it goes in one ear and out the other as far as the inside-the-Beltway people are concerned.  This kind of stuff just makes people out in the country livid.  The whole global warming thing irritates people.  Most people, A, don't care about it; B, believe it's a hoax. 

The Iceberg on Lake Superior

RUSH: I got a flash note from our official climatologist not long ago, Dr. Spencer.  The last iceberg... Let's see. (muttering) "The last iceberg on Lake Superior will last until July."  That's the subject line of the e-mail.  I haven't had a chance to open it and read the e-mail, so I don't know if it's a joke.  Let me do that real quick.  No, it's his website.  So the last iceberg will last until July. Global warming! 

Feminists Have a Cow Over Miss USA Comments
RUSH: The winner of the Miss USA pageant was Miss Nevada.  Her name was Nia Sanchez.  She was crowned Miss USA on Sunday night, and during the pageant -- Sanchez, by the way, is a fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo -- was asked a question about sexual assaults on college campi, and she suggested that women get training to learn how to defend themselves.  And she was viciously attacked on Twitter and elsewhere.  The feminazis literally had a cow, which they are capable of doing. The media was upset and outraged, and my first reaction to it was -- I'm the mayor of Realville -- rape happens, sadly.  Being able to defend yourself is not a bad thing.  Why is this so controversial? 

Why is a woman who's a fourth-degree black belt in taekwondo suggesting that women get training to learn how to defend themselves, why is that bad?  I mean, I literally had to stop and ask myself.  Instinctively I didn't understand the leftist position, so I had to dig deep.  And you know what it is?  They think that a woman getting training to defend herself is putting the blame and the responsibility on women and giving the rapist a pass.  They think it's just another example of how women bear the responsibility, and it's their fault, and anybody thinking this way is anti-female. 

Just that little bit of good advice, look at the controversy it caused.

Well, I think it's stupid, but they really think that suggesting -- see, they hear everything as an absolute. So they totally misunderstand what she's saying. She's not saying, "Hey, look, rape's gonna happen, rape's everywhere, and the only thing we can do is learn to defend ourselves." She's not saying that at all. They're such absolutists on this stuff that there's no room to accommodate a bunch of different solutions to a problem. There can only be one solution. It has to be rooted in the iconographies of liberalism, and that is if a woman has to defend herself, then somehow we are failing in our efforts to deal with it, because we're giving men a pass.

And I don't think a woman or anybody, bullies, you take your pick, why is somebody being able to defend themselves political? (interruption) Well, of course it's not, but they turn everything into politics. The feminazis take a look at this, since it doesn't meet with their approval, it's got political consequences to them that they think are unfavorable. So I saw a story, I have a companion story. I had this Miss USA thing since Sunday night, hadn't gotten to it.

David Brat an Economist, Like Paul Krugman

RUSH:  Don't forget: Paul Krugman is an economist, a New York Times columnist, and they love him.  Oh, he's instantly credible. He's an economist. But David Brat, economist? Ehhhh.  I'll tell you what.  This election in November, I can tell, is gonna shock the establishment. No matter whether they get this thing that happened with Cantor or not, it's gonna shock them. 

Bulletproof Blankets for School Kids

RUSH: "Oklahoma Company Markets Bulletproof Blanket For Childrens' Use In School Shootings -- Oklahoma company ProTecht has developed a new and unique type of body armor for kids called the Bulletproof Blanket. The blanket resembles a gym mat and is worn by strapping the blanket around the arms like a backpack. It was designed by podiatrist Steve Walker," and three other guys contributed to it. The website says: "Who would have guessed that on a quiet spring morning their lives would be changed forever by a sudden school tragedy."

"The blanket could prove useful in natural disasters to protect children and adults from debris, Protecht's website also states that the 'Bodyguard blanket was developed and tested to specifically protect our children and teachers in the event of a school shooting.'"

So shouldn't we have the same reaction? What do you mean, the students ought to have to defend themselves with a blanket? You're putting the onus on them! You're blaming the students! That's exactly what the feminazis are saying when they get all mad when a woman suggests women take training to defend themselves in the event of rape. Oh, no, that's horrible, wrong thing, can't do that, that's bad, they say. Well, okay, so in a school shooting the kids have bulletproof blankets, is that also bad? 'Cause it's the same thing. It's defense. It's taking steps to protect yourself when something like this breaks out.

Are we not supposed to do that, either, because it gives the shooter a pass? Because it exempts the shooter and his responsibility for what's going on? Some of the thinking that emanates from the left in this country is just purely asinine. It's asinine. It's devoid of common sense because it's all rooted in politics. Everything gets politicized. Everything has to get funneled into a way to advance their agenda or to prevent damage to the agenda, no matter how you look at it.


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