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Obama Happily Hands Iraq and Afghanistan to Al-Qaeda to Discredit George W. Bush

RUSH: I think this administration wants both Iraq and Afghanistan to fail as stable democracies.  And if you doubt that, would you give me -- I'm open to changing my mind about this -- just give me any evidence to the contrary...  Nouri al-Maliki asking for American air support in Iraq gives Obama another political opportunity to blame Bush. And that is an opportunity they just can't pass up. It's too juicy.

The Hillary Myth

RUSH: Hillary is buzz and PR.  And it just amazes me the number of people, on our side, I'm talking about Republicans in Washington, who just eat it up, they buy it.  And they do so because they're afraid, I think.

Morning Update: Tenure

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu has thrown a monkey wrench into the gears of modern liberalism. This week, he ruled that the laws governing the job security of teachers are unconstitutional. That's right.  He decided that tenure laws allow incompetent teachers to stay in the classroom, which in turn harm low-income, minority students. "The evidence is compelling," he wrote. "Indeed, it shocks the conscience."

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